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How to watch EV Archiving in real time

Created: 06 Mar 2012 • Updated: 29 May 2014 • 4 comments
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Enterprise Vault by it's nature is a "background" engine, and thus does not have much in the way of real time monitoring tools.

This is a method of watching EV working in real time. It is particularly useful for monitoiring Journaling Mailboxes, which have constant activity, but works just as well during archiving, providing you are watching while archiving is actually taking place.

You may need to manually run an archiving task to trigger activity.

This is premised on the Fact that EV uses the Exchange "Message Class" to identify EV Objects like shotcuts, and pending items, and tie them to the appropriate Exchange Forms to display the correct icons and content.

Ensure that the archiving schedule allows Archiving and / or PST Migration at the time you want to monitor the process in outlook.

Open users outlook
Display inbox (or folder of interest)

Add columns to the display Outlook 2010
Click View Tab > Add Columns
In the Drop Box select All Mail Fields
Scroll down in Available Columns > Select "Message Class"
Click Add
Double click the Massage Class COlun Header to sort
Click Expand/collapse to Collapse ALL

Add Columns to the display Outlook 2007
Right Click on a column Header - Customize Current View
Click Fields
Drop Box - All Mail Fields
Scroll down list - Select - Message Class - ADD - OK

Back in the Inbox View
Double Click Message Class Column Header to sort by Message Class
View - Arrange By - Show In Groups
Right Click on a Class Header & Select Collapse all

You should now see all classes with the number of messages in each
Check the Enterprise Vault Classes
You should see the normal note class increasing as mail arrives, and decreasing as journaling or archiving occurs
EV Pending Increasing as items are identified for arciving
EV Pending Decreasing as messages are archived.
NB If Safety Copies are enabled on the Vault store, Pending items are only converted to shortcuts after the next backup.
EV Shortcut items increasing as items are deleted from Exchange.

Something like this (taken from a journaling mailbox, thus no shortcuts) :-

Once you have the idea you can vary the actual setup for your particualar purposes.

Happy Archiving

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kmouline's picture

Hello Trafford,

What EV licence / addon we need to perform MS-Exchange realtime archiving ? 

Many Thanks,

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Rob.Wilcox's picture

This link should help:

But basically you need a journaling license, and appropriate Exchange Server licensing in order to use journaling on that side.

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Trafford's picture

EV Licensing is not without it's complexities. The product is most commonly bundled (or Suites as Symatec calls them)  these days, so a single SKU can get you archiving and journaling all in one.

There is a 37 page document called "Enterprise vault 10 - Pricing and Licensing Guide"  available to partners on the SymIQ EV Home Page.

Or contact your distributor who should be able to help you with licensing

John Gowing - Symantec EV Exchange STS

DFA Solutions

Cape Town

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John Santana's picture

Cool, many thanks Trafford for sharing this trick :-)

Kind regards,

John Santana
IT Professional


Please be nice to me as I'm newbie in this forum.

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