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Created: 08 Apr 2014 • Updated: 19 May 2014
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Session are filling up fast at Vision this year. We're seeing record registrations so you'll want to act fast. Bookmark and check back here often as nearly full sessions will be updated frequently.

Session ID Title Abstract Type Tracks
1283 How to Use CCS to Proatively Manage Risk A complex threat environment requires organizations to take a proactive approach to their security with clearly defined and customized objectives. In this lab, Symantec experts will delve into the features of Symantec Control Compliance Suite. You will learn how to combine rich, native assessment data from multiple sources, normalize that data to get a truly composite view of your risk posture and present this information in an actionable format to multiple stakeholders. Your organization can then prioritize and track remediation efforts based on your defined security and risk management objectives. Hands On Lab Embracing Proactive Cyber Security
1394 Zero to Install in 30 Minutes or Less with NetBackup Appliances While backup is a fundamental function in any data center, running your first backup shouldn't take two days. Don't miss this hands-on lab, where you'll be introduced to the new Symantec installation and configuration wizard that will have you starting your first data backup in 30 minutes. Hands On Lab Enabling the Modern Data Center
1424 The Practical Value of NetBackup OST integration with Primary Storage Replication Director enables a number of different Snapshot-based data protection options within NetBackup. This lab will explore each of them in the context of a typical Microsoft Exchange deployment. You'll walk away with a more detailed understanding of how these Snapshot-based data protection options in Replication Director work and when it makes sense to use each of them. Hands On Lab Enabling the Modern Data Center
1452 Get Familiar with OpsCenter and OpsCenter Analytics 7.6 Symantec OpsCenter and OpsCenter Analytics can add important reporting, alerting and monitoring capabilities to your NetBackup and NetBackup Appliance solutions. This lab will walk you through some of the possibilities--and show you how combining OpsCenter with NetBackup can help you predict backup storage consumption, create and generate reports around NetBackup's policy and scheduling engine, and much more. Hands On Lab Enabling the Modern Data Center
1456 NetBackup Intelligent Policy for Oracle NetBackup 7.6 includes new Oracle Intelligent Policies that provide automatic discovery of Oracle instances, intelligent/automatic RMAN script generation, Oracle job management and many other improvements that make it easier to configure and manage Oracle policies and backups. This hands-on lab will introduce you to these new capabilities by  comparing and contrasting the legacy NetBackup for Oracle policies in previous versions of NetBackup with the Oracle Intelligent Policies introduced in NetBackup 7.6. Hands On Lab Enabling the Modern Data Center
1460 Hands-On Tour of Data Loss Prevention A comprehensive data security plan includes a three-pronged approach: discover, monitor and protect confidential data. Attend this introductory lab for a guided tour of Symantec Data Loss Prevention. You will explore its robust network, endpoint and storage monitoring and protection capabilities, and get an overview of its powerful policy management and risk reporting features. You'll leave this session with a clear understanding of the key elements your organization needs to develop and deploy a successful data loss prevention program. Hands On Lab Embracing Proactive Cyber Security
1523 Protecting Email with DLP and Encryption Email is at once a critical staple of modern business communication and one of the most popular targets for cybercriminals. Attend this lab for a hands-on look at the key considerations for data loss prevention in a messaging context. By creating a realistic end-to-end data loss incident, you will see how Symantec DLP integrates with Symantec Messaging Gateway and Symantec Encryption Gateway to prevent data loss via email--and then updates DLP incident records with proof of remediation. You will see first-hand how Symantec provides easy, centralized management of data loss incidents and email quarantine. And you will take away a working knowledge of how to protect your sensitive information using policy-based encryption. Hands On Lab Embracing Proactive Cyber Security
1544 Best Practices for Deploying SEP 12 on Embedded Devices What's the most effective way to protect your ATMs, point-of-sale terminals and other embedded devices from cyber attacks? Attend this lab to discover the answers for yourself. In this hands-on session, you'll revisit some of the scenarios from the Hands On Lab Supporting the Evolving Endpoint
1545 Encryption and DLP: The Power of Integration You can't make encrypted information exempt from your data loss prevention policies. But how can you enforce those policies without going through the difficult, painstaking process of decrypting that information first? Attend this lab to learn how Encryption Insight, a feature in Symantec Data Loss Prevention, makes it possible to scan and enforce data loss prevention policies on encrypted information without ever having to decrypt the data. You'll also explore an email integration feature that allows the gateway encryption server to update incidents based on actions taken on the main Data Loss Prevention enforce server. Hands On Lab Supporting the Evolving Endpoint
1620 Cloud-enabled Management Cloud-enabled management is ready to offer your organization new levels of efficiency and flexibility. Attend this lab to explore the features and usage scenarios of the cloud-enabled management capabilities now available in IT Management Suite 7.5, including hands-on experience with component installation, configuration and reporting. This lab is a continuation of the "Managing Remote and Mobile Workers" breakout session, which you should attend prior to this lab. Hands On Lab Supporting the Evolving Endpoint
1621 How to Upgrade to IT Management Suite 7.5 Planning ahead and allocating adequate time are the foundation of a successful upgrade from IT Management Suite 7.1 to version 7.5. This hands-on lab will prepare you to take full advantage of the new features and underlying architecture with a successful on-box upgrade. You will also uncover valuable insights into the essential steps that will affect the outcome of your implementation and prepare you to develop your installation plan. Hands On Lab Supporting the Evolving Endpoint
1624 Getting the Most out of the Console with Efficient Use of Targets and Filters-Lab Get an early start on how to use the new targeting and filtering capabilities that will be available in IT Management Suite 7.5 SP1. This lab will show you how to do powerful computer searches, use default and custom filters, and reuse targets. Hands On Lab Supporting the Evolving Endpoint
1625 Deployment Solution 7.5 Get up to speed on the latest version of Deployment Solution and how to better leverage this tool in your environment. Hands On Lab Supporting the Evolving Endpoint
1626 Introduction to Workspace Virtualization and Streaming Virtualized applications provide a fast, efficient and cost effective way for you to make applications instantly available to the people who need them--any time, from any location. This lab will walk you through the basics of virtualizing, packaging and delivering applications using Symantec Workspace Virtualization and Symantec Workspace Streaming. Hands On Lab Supporting the Evolving Endpoint
1702 Manage your Mobile Applications using Symantec App Center and the Sealed Program Symantec App Center streamlines the mobile app process, allowing developers to offer enterprise-grade security without sacrificing the user experience. In this lab, you'll get hands-on experience learning how App Center can help you manage your in-house app store. You'll also explore the different deployment options for the newly released Symantec Sealed applications and see how app wrapping can help organizations maintain control of their data. Hands On Lab Supporting the Evolving Endpoint
1703 Securing Mobile Device Access with App Center MDM and Managed PKI Enterprise customers need enterprise-level security controls for access to common network resources for their mobile device users. Symantec App Center, utilizing MDM and integration with Symantec Managed PKI services, provides administrators with optional tools they can configure for certificate-based authentication to the most common network services. In this hands-on lab, you will have the opportunity to configure the Symantec App Center environment to work with MDM and the Symantec Managed PKI solution and to understand the benefits and advantages associated with their use. Hands On Lab Supporting the Evolving Endpoint
1723 Automated Business Continuity Risk Monitoring with Disaster Recovery Advisor Manual testing and data recovery audits can consume significant IT resources, but they often still fail to uncover critical risks, data protection breaches and recoverability gaps. Attend his hands-on lab to learn how integrating Disaster Recovery Advisor (DRA) into your IT infrastructure can solve this problem--and ensure that your business continuity infrastructure will work when you need it to. This lab starts with a detailed, first-hand look at DRA's potential for improving your data recovery planning and testing, including an overview of how DRA scans your storage, databases, servers and replication configurations for risks. You'll also gain a working knowledge of the automatic analysis tools and learn how the powerful Gap Detection Engine identifies vulnerabilities such as unprotected databases or database partitions, noncompliant replication configurations, data that cannot be recovered to a valid consistency point and much more. Hands On Lab Enabling the Modern Data Center
1820 Application and Data Recovery with Symantec Disaster Recovery Orchestrator and Microsoft Windows Azure If you are looking for a turn-key disaster recovery solution that does not require the expense, time and resources required to build and manage a secondary data center, this lab is for you.  In this lab we will show you how Symantec and Microsoft are delivering automated application and data recovery services to Microsoft Windows Azure that will help you keep your business up and running in the event of a disaster or any wide-spread outage you may face.  You will gain hands-on experience in takeover and fail-back recovery of an application and disaster recovery testing all through Symantec Disaster Recovery Orchestrator and Microsoft Windows Azure.   Hands On Lab Enabling the Modern Data Center

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