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IBM Announces Lotus Protector for Mail Encryption

Created: 18 Jan 2010 • Updated: 05 Nov 2012
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Bryan Gillson - Director, Business Development

At Lotusphere® 2010 today, Kevin Cavanaugh – Lotus Software’s Vice President of Messaging and Collaboration – announced a new addition to the IBM® Lotus® Protector product line created in partnership with PGP Corporation: Lotus Protector for Mail Encryption.

Lotus and PGP Corporation designed Lotus Protector for Mail Encryption to seamlessly extend Lotus Notes integrated email encryption to a wide variety of different recipient types. By leveraging gateway email technology from PGP Universal™ Server and the proxy technology from PGP Desktop Email, Lotus Notes users with Protector for Mail Encryption can send a single email that gets secured regardless of the recipients’ location and encryption technology – whether they’re internal or external; secure messages with Notes, OpenPGP, or S/MIME; or use no encryption technology at all.

Additionally, the Lotus Protector for Mail Encryption Server can be extended to manage members of PGP Corporation's product family, including PGP® Whole Disk Encryption, PGP® NetShare, or PGP® Portable. This gives Lotus customers an easy way to protect data outside of the Domino environment, from laptop computers, to network drives, to removable devices, without needing to install an additional server.

But the benefit isn’t all to Lotus customers. The Lotus Protector for Mail Encryption Server and Client truly extend the ecosystem for PGP Corporation's customers. Since the products are fully compatible with PGP™ Universal Server and PGP® Desktop’s key discovery protocols, they enable full end-to-end encryption to even more email recipients.

Lotus Protector for Mail Encryption is a Lotus product, so you won’t be hearing much about it on However, more information can be found on and around the web as more information gets released.

Arthur Fontaine, Senior Product Manager for Protector Security Products, said “We’re very pleased to be able to create a relationship with PGP Corporation, a market leader and innovator for the benefit of our Lotus Notes base.”

We are very proud of our relationship with Lotus and the ongoing collaboration that brought this product to life. This partnership brings together one of the most trusted brands in security with one of the most trusted brands in collaboration. All of our customers should benefit.