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Impact of Design On Trust

Created: 08 Mar 2010 • Updated: 03 Jun 2014 • 1 comment
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jbidzos.jpgWe attended RSA 2010 this week where VeriSign was a Platinum Sponsor. Executive Chairman, Jim Bidzos, gave a Keynote Address on the 'Internet and Trust' explaining that without trust, people are less likely to freely share information or transact online.

This is very true in the creation of Websites. Good design is critical for good user experience which is essential to building trust. A Website is our face to the world and its design creates that first impression which people judge it by. Also, every interaction a user has on a site impacts the trustworthiness they associate with that site. So, poor design and rampant content errors, for instance, take away from the credibility and trustworthiness of sites. However, a well-designed site which is functionally sound with a clear navigation system and good content goes a long way to building trust. Additionally, the presence of trust marks, data encryption, and other elements also help to lend credibility and trust to Websites.

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Gurpreet Singh Bagga's picture

Very True Reshma!

Well, I would write my conclusions as follows:

A website is like a salesman ringing your door bell - Ding Dong! ...Now, you peep out of the door.

1. If you find him shabby, untidy and rude - "You don't even dare to open the door"

2. If you find him pleasant, neatly dressed and polite - "You open the door and atleast talk to him"

But, still you doubt and do not trust him and his products completely...

The moment he shows you his badge - "Marked with the VeriSign Trust Seal Sign"

You say - "Yes, I am interested. Also show me your other products!"

Cheers VeriSign!!

Gurpreet Singh Bagga

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