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Implementing BYOD- Challenges to Overcome

Created: 19 Feb 2012 • Updated: 01 Apr 2012 • 2 comments
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If you wish, you can check my blog on BYOD- The Buzzing Trend! Link is given below:

There are two major challenges:

1. Data security of organization's data: Since the device is not owned by the organizations, there are limited access or no access that an organization may have on device. What are the security feature that employee is willing to implement and how much aware of the security he or she is- is a major concern. To overcome this challenge, many technological and non-technological measures are being taken. One of them is 'Sand Boxing' or 'Sand Box approach'. With this approach, there are mobile application which can divide the mobile device in two different part, virtually. One for private use and other for official use. Official data can be encrypted and is separate from personal data and application. Corporate data can be wiped out without affecting personal data. Some other mobile device management application like one built by Citrix- never host data on mobile device. These application work by creating separate secure corporate locker. Also, they will never affect the personal data. So, there are solution available which can fulfill the requirement without touching your personal life and data on your mobile device. But, these are relatively new development and products are not matured enough and are not so widely used.

2. Employee's awareness and resistance: Employee should be aware of the technology and its functionality. He should be convinced that he can use the device for his personal use without any interruption. If organization is asking employee to adhere to security policy like password policy and all, in order to secure the whole device, then resistance can come up from employee. Organizations can come up with other lucrative offers like- cost sharing of Internet bill, purchase assistance, better parking lots type etc, then BYOD can be promoted to significant level.

Overall, the concept is very good, and solutions for the challenges are also available. Only thing that is required is user awareness and their trust in organization and the technology. BYOD is the buzzing trend and looking at its benefit, it must be accepted by all.

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Great infor..thanks for upyes

Thanks & Regards,


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Vikram Kumar-SAV to SEP's picture

Employer should share Device Cost and Data Charges as max data will be for official purpose.

Again Company monitoring personal calls and messages will not be comfortable with many.

Vikram Kumar

Symantec Consultant

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