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Information for Downloading PGP Software on Symantec Licensing Portal

Created: 07 Mar 2011 • Updated: 05 Nov 2012 • 7 comments
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As a PGP customer, you may have seen the changes that we’ve been making as we transition customer support from the PGP environment to Symantec. Here’s what you need to do to download the latest PGP software.

For PGP software orders purchased prior to February 4, 2011:

Step 1: PGP Products are now downloaded via the Symantec Licensing Portal. Click the following link , and you will be automatically redirected to the Symantec Licensing Portal.

Step 2: Enter the email address which was used to purchase your PGP product and then click SEND MY ACCOUNT INFO.  An email is sent with your Symantec Licensing Portal credentials.

Step 3: After receiving your account login credentials, click the following link and enter your email and password.

Step 4: Select License Management. Your PGP software Order Details is displayed. This includes:

  • Customer Name
  • Customer Number
  • Product
  • Product Version
  • License Key
  • Quantity Purchased

Step 5:  Click GET SOFTWARE which directs you to the FileConnect application. Your entitled software is displayed.

Step 6: Select the preferred download method and place a checkmark next to the desired software and click Begin Downloading.

Step 7:  After downloading your software, see the Knowledge Base articles listed below for more information on installing and licensing PGP products.

For PGP software orders purchased after February 7, 2011:

Step 1: After purchasing PGP software, you will receive a certificate with serial number.

Step 2:Go the Symantec Licensing Portal here: and login with your LoginID and password. If you are a new user, click CREATE AN ACCOUNT

Step 3:  On the Symantec Licensing Portal home page, click New Purchase.

Step 4: On the Serial Number entry page, type the serial number, and then click Submit.

Step 5: The serial number appears in a list at the bottom of the page.

NOTE: To submit an additional serial number, type the serial number, and then click Add.

Step 6:  On the License Registration Verification page, verify that all of the information is correct. To make changes or add information to a section, click Edit.

Step 7:  If you have no more information to add, click Complete Registration.

Your serial numbers and license keys appear on the License Key Confirmation page.

Step 8: If your product requires a Symantec License file (.slf file), click the license key file name to download the file.

Step 9: To download the software, click Get Software.

Knowledge Base Articles

The following articles provide additional information on installing, licensing, and the support transition of PGP products.

Ordering and Support Transition for PGP Corporation Products

HOW TO: Download and Install PGP Desktop for Windows

HOW TO: Download and Install PGP Desktop for Mac OS X

HOW TO: License PGP Desktop 10

PGP WDE for Mac OS X Customers Upgrading to Mac OS X 10.6.5

For  inquiries relating to PGP product licensing, product download, entitlements and other non-technical issues, please contact Symantec Customer Care. 

Customer Care (Non-Technical Support) - Enterprise Products

1.     Online:

2.     Phone: 1-800-721-3934 for the North American Region

3.     Click here for other regions:

Glossary of Terms

In case if you need assistance with the Symantec support terminology, here’s a glossary that sums up what you need and where to get it.

Serial Number - The Symantec Licensing Portal recognizes licenses of PGP products by their Serial Number. The Serial Number is equivalent to the PGP entitlement or reference number found on your order confirmation e-mail.

License Entitlement -  An organization or Individual’s right to use PGP licensed software. Licenses can be perpetual or based on a term.

Software Maintenance Entitlement- An organization or individual’s right to get access to specific features like support, right to upgrade. This is based on a purchase of maintenance and is usually based on a term.

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ryantate's picture

I was able to activate my Symantec license account. However, when I click "Get Software," my PGP WDE Mac does not show. Instead it asks for a serial number as a "Verification question." 

I have tried the following as the "serial number" and none works: My license number, my original order number, my maintainenance renewal entitlement number (my contract is active) and my maintainence renewal order number as the "serial number" and I only get "We are unable to process your request at this time."

This leaves me with NO way to upgrade as promised when I renewed the maintenance contract. This is unacceptable under the terms of my contract with PGP and I would like to resolve it.

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Sarah Mays's picture

I have this same issue, call customer care, or submit a ticket to them. They will give you a temporary license code that works at fileconnect.

Customer Care (Non-Technical Support) - Enterprise Products

1.     Online:

2.     Phone: 1-800-721-3934 for the North American Region

3.     Click here for other regions:

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VINCENT_A's picture

First the portal didn't work (the dropdown lists were not populated) and after fixing that I still cant get to my software.

Great example of your ability to smoothly migrate to your portal. Must have really thought this one out. [post edited by admin]

- A formerly happy PGP customer

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mallardduck's picture

Nothing on my page either.

It's a good thing for them that the acquisition didn't happen closer to (or after) the 10.7 release.  This has been one of the most screwed up transitions I've ever seen.  This isn't rocket science.  It's not even hard.  It just takes planning, preparation, and competent resources.

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fmenard123's picture

It definitely feels like Symantec does not care about their PGP aquisition.  The help desk is confused like hell.  They keep asking that we search for all licenses under the Symantec License Entitlement system as if the license is supposed to be there.  I had to repeat for a good 53 seconds to the clerk on the phone that if she expected me to download something with a temporary serial number, she actually HAD to say it over the phone ... 

They provided me with a new serial number... which did not work.  So 24 hours into my support call, I still have no LEMS account lined to my Symaccount...

On a less sad note, I did manage to download 10.1.1 using the temporary serial number.

I did manage to update 10.1.0 to 10.1.1 prior to updating my 2010 Macbook Air / SSD to 10.6.7

And I am now updated to 10.6.7 on WDE 10.1.1

And I did not need to use the 10.1.1 new serial number that tech support gave me with the expectation that this serial number would be recognized as valid by the Symantec LEMS replacement as a valid serial number which could enable the download.

The temporary serial number was: TMP16032709


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fmenard123's picture

All I am getting are license numbers back by email, but what I need is the Symantec Licensing Entitlement Database to be actually populated with my LEMS Reference Number, as there are apparently no mechanisms to actually input an actual LICENSE KEY in the  Symantec Licensing Entitlement Database.

This sounds to me like a lack of sync between the LEMS reference numbers table and the table of Symantec PGP WDE proper serial numbers, irrespective of how license keys bind to serial numbers.

It seems like a bachelor's degree in computer science is required to get support out of Symantec.


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Gerbillo's picture

Dar all, I've a PGP licence for the 10.0.3 for Mac OS and I'm trying to Update. No way to explain my problem to the italian customer service and no way to have the Symantec licence number.


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