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Installation of MSP File in Silent Mode

Created: 16 Sep 2008 • 2 comments
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The best way to install an MSP file in silent installation is with the following command line:

msiexec /p patchfile.msp REINSTALL=ALL REINSTALLMODE=omus

But if you do not give the command line options of REINSTALL and REINSTALLMODE then it will not patch the existing installation package. What it will do is update the locally cached copy of the MSI database.

If you run the MSP in UI mode then it will patch the installation and will also update the locally cached copy of the installation, because when the dialogs are run they in turn set REINSTALL and REINSTALLMODE.

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just wondered why not to use ....
msiexec /update name.msp /qn.
Have used it quiet a few times with success.And also have noticed that
msiexec /p patchfile.msp ...........
might require the base msi path in case the msi is not smarty authored.

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The equivalent Windows Installer command line has PATCH = [msipatch.msp]<;PatchGuid2> set on the command line. Check this MSDN page:

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