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Installing Admin Tools (AD Users & Computers Etc) in Windows 7

Created: 23 Jul 2009
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As some of us admins completely ignored the existence of Windows Vista, you may have also missed the replacement for the adminpak.msi. As this is no longer used a version has been released for Vista & Windows 7. I'm going to walk you through getting this on W7. This will allow you to access AD Users & Computers and all the other tools you so dearly love as admins.

:- Download and install the RSAT (Remote Server Administration Tools) found on the Microsoft website. There is also a x64 version if you require that.
You can find this tool here;

:- Once installed you will notice in the start menu you’ll have extra admin entries, but no User & Computers tools. To enable all the extra features go to
Control Panel > Programs & Features > Turn Windows Features On & Off

:- Select “Remote Server Admin Tools” & Check everything you want. You will have to do everything one at a time as it’s pedantic about you selecting all in one swoop.

:- Now all should be done. Check your start menu. If you notice things are still missing you’ll have to right click the start menu and select "Properties".

:- From there Start menu > Customise.

:- Scroll near the bottom and within “System Administrative Tools” select “Display on the All Programs Menu & The Start Menu”

:- Now checking your start menu should show you the pleothora of tools now back at your disposal.