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Installing XP MUI Language Pack Example

Created: 16 Jun 2009
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To install a MUI Language for XP we folow these steps:

1 ) Download the the MUI Pack with the language(s) you need.
2 ) Get the latest MUIsetup.exe from SP3 and replace the one included in the MUI pack download.
3 ) Execute it using this command line where "0416" is your language code, in this case Portugese.
muisetup.exe /i 0416 /d 0416 /r /s

4 ) Then we execute another command that changes Regional Settings for all users that log onto that machine again using the language code in the BR.TXT file.

rundll32.exeshell32,Control_RunDLL intl.cpl,,/F:"BR.TXT"

The BR.TXT file has the following information:
LanguageGroup = 1
UserLocale = 00000416
SystemLocale = 00000416
InputLocale = 0416:00000416
MUILanguage = 0416
UserLocale_DefaultUser = 00000416
InputLocale_DefaultUser = 0416:00000416
MUILanguage_DefaultUser = 00000416

You can replicate this process for the language or leave out Step 4 if you do not want to change the default settings on the computer.

We use a wise script to wrap this all up and execute it quickly. Hope this helps anyone needing to do this in the future.