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Integration with Purpose: Symantec and VMware

Created: 27 Aug 2012 • Updated: 27 Aug 2012
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With IT budgets that are shrinking or barely holding steady, it’s vital for today’s businesses to make the most of their current infrastructure. Fortunately, however, leveraging virtual infrastructure to enable cloud computing is possible without having to rip and replace the entire infrastructure. Whether an organization is replacing legacy technologies or adapting them to virtualization, Symantec and VMware have teamed up to help businesses make the transition to virtualization as smoothly as possible – with approximately 100 points of integration to date.

This integration effort goes beyond simply enabling the technologies to work together, to the IT users themselves. We have developed various integration levels ranging from technical API’s to best practice policy content to process workflows that automate redundant manual tasks. We’re providing these benefits in today’s most important technology areas, including storage, high availability, backup, security and compliance. Symantec is the only vendor that can demonstrate that kind of breadth and in-depth approach.

At Symantec we believe in innovation with a purpose. And that purpose is to protect our customers’ information – wherever it is. To achieve that, we are committed to embracing technologies that will keep businesses safe, whether that means developing our own solutions or partnering with industry leaders. One of the most important tools businesses are using today is virtualization, and businesses around the world are leveraging its power to cut costs and improve efficiency. So it made sense to team up with VMware, the leader in virtualization, to integrate our products and give today’s organizations confidence that their virtualized environments are protected. We are dedicated to integrating technology where it can add value to the business, rather than integration for its own sake.

To highlight a few recent examples of how customers are relying on our integration with VMware – Carrington Holding Company and University Hospitals of Leuven have leveraged Symantec Endpoint Protection 12 to proactively protect information in both physical and virtual environments. In addition, Continuum Health Partners and Sydney Adventist Hospital have greatly increases backup and recovery capabilities with Symantec Netbackup. These are just a few examples where this integration benefits our customers.

With virtualization as a stepping stone to the cloud, organizations can’t afford to be locked into vendor-specific technologies as they transform their data centers – especially if they don’t provide new innovations to take advantage of this dynamic new platform. By teaming up with VMware, we’re supporting their evolving cloud platform and maximizing flexibility for today’s businesses without locking them into siloed technologies. With our experience and commitment in customer environments, nobody is better prepared than Symantec to lead the way.

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