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Interesting WinDbg command lines for .Net dump analysis

Created: 05 Feb 2013 • Updated: 16 May 2013
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I am looking inside w3wp.exe process dumps right now and I wanted to document here some interesting and important steps to get WinDbg up and running, and returning interesting results (in order)!

General setup:

  • set _NT_EXECUTABLE_IMAGE_PATH=SRV*c:\symbols*

Loading CLR debugging tools:

  • .loadby sos.dll mscorwks
  • .load c:\psscor2\amd64\psscor2.dll

Storing results to file:

  • .logopen /d

Checking the various memory heaps:

  • !dumpheap -stat
  • !dumpheap -type System.String -min 10000
  • !dumpheap -type System.String -max 10000
This will allow you to see the heap memory consumption, the strings that are less than 1000 bytes and then above 10000.
Very useful if you need to find out where memory is going to!