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Internet Celebrates 20th Anniversary

Created: 15 Mar 2009 • Updated: 03 Jun 2014
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www20Twenty years ago this month in March 1989, Sir Tim Berners-Lee invented the World Wide Web by following his dream of a better, easier way to communicate via computers on a global scale. And what an invention it was! The initial project, dubbed ENQUIRE referred to 'Enquire Within Upon Everything', a book Berners-Lee recalled from his childhood. Berners-Lee created a browser-editor with the goal of developing a tool to make the Web a creative space to share and edit information and build a common hypertext. Names considered for this browser included 'The Mine of Information' and 'The Information Mesh' and eventually decided on the WorldWideWeb in May 1990. The world's first web site went live in 1991. A copy of the original first webpage created by Berners-Lee can be found here.

tim_berners_lee.jpgIn a recent interview with a co-author of Berners-Lee, it was said that to Tim "the whole point of the Web, to him, was not to just see information but to publish it, too. This didn't really happen until blogs emerged, followed by sites like Facebook , where people can easily post content. And, in answer to what the future holds for the Web, " It's hard to implement controls on the Web--because it was created in the ethos of the Internet--in that it's totally open. But for Tim, confronting issues like privacy and protection of intellectual property is not a matter of a technical fix. First, you need a social fix. If the Web is open to good people, it's open to bad people, too. The way you deal with security and other problems on the Web is the same way you deal with it in society: You need laws and social conventions that guide people's behavior. Once those are developed, then the technical ways to implement them can be created."

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