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Interview Questions

Created: 17 Jul 2009
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With respect to data protection (I'm not going to call it backup, people. I much prefer smarmy and fancy words. Then again shiny objects fascinate me, too!) jobs and such, there's a number of questions that one can expect to be asked.  I know that for my current job I was asked how to set up a three way NDMP backup and how to bring down netbackup services, from a command line, on a windows server.  But how about other questions?  I'm a subscriber to the Veritas Mailing list (I'm oldschool like that) and I was intrigued by one of the posts.

A job seeker was looking for a Storage Job that required Netbackup knowledge.  Unfortunately, the job seeker did not get that job and was a little miffed that they did not have an answer for the following questions:

  1. If you wanted to know what IP address netbackup was using to perform
    backups what command would you run and where would you run it?
  2. How is image stored in netbackup?
  3. If you wanted to bypass netbackup commands and move a tape from slot 1 to drive 3 how would you do that?
  4. If your last catalog backup was two days ago and the master server crashed what would you have to do to bring your environment back up to present time?
  5. How do you import an NBU image that has been written to a disk storage unit?
  6. Difference between catalog on master and media server. What are the critical catalogs or databases on a Media Server?
  7. How would you tune NetBackup to increase backup performance?

So take a crack at the questions and post your answers.  Or, heck, provide some Netbackup interview questiosn of your own.