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Introducing some documentation on the SolutionSam repository

Created: 18 Jul 2012
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I have collected files since the beta in February 2009 and have a repository of 2.5 GiB of XML here at home. I am not devoting much time to the task to be completely honnest, as a shell script take care of verifying if a new file is available every 5 minutes.

I have also crafted a few (Linux) utilities to get some information out of the xml files. The first one was just a file cleaner that hanlded the task of clearing the pl.xml from any localisation. I never made much use of it, however it was of great help when I discussed with the product team improvments that later came to the prioduct listing and how the Symantec Install Manager handles it (first a compressed version of the file and then a langaue agnostic version). The second utility is still in use scrapes package related data from the xml, and crafts a mirror tree of the SolutionSam site. It even has the feature to copy MSI files to the correct location if they are in the same folder as the tool.

Now I have created a micro-site to share some of the information and make it available to people who may want to peer inside the package repository or users that may want to create a local copy of the SolutionSam tree (it's something that could be useful for a few of my very own customers right now).

In all cases, the micro-site is available via an easy to remember url: Note that the site contain a browsable solution tree, with the MSI information in-lieu of the MSI themselves.