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Issues, fixes.

Created: 05 Feb 2013 • Updated: 05 Feb 2013
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This feels like being smacked at every turn. So Monday morning fresh start, we did get ghost image to work last Friday right?

  1. First up, huge issues, GhostUser account keeps sitting there after imaging. Someone has to go hit the OK button to the GP related Eula for the Ghost job to finish(What ever that task is?) So basically no automation.
  2. Second, 2 of the other Child NS's will not keep pxe running.

Cases put in to Symantec, of course it will be at least a day before we get anyone on the phone. So Google, and Connect it is.

By 3PM, we found the cause of both issues.

1. GhostUser does not log in. There is a new version of DeployAnywhere that resolves this, and it's a known issues since 4-17-2012, why is this not in MP1??? So look and get the files from this link below if you have the same issue.

2. PXE services does not stay running. This is a issue with the platform, and it took alto of comparing with a working server to figure this out. When the PXE and WinpE settings is replicated, some how not all files get configured. This required 2 fix's.

First came from a Symantec Employee post on Connect, Look at Ashani's post, that allowed the 4 PXE Boot Services to stay running.

Second is the machine boots in to pxe but cannot find any PreOS files. So it just keeps prompting for the pre-OS boot options. This was a tougher error and we still don't know what caused it. But a Forced rebuild of the WinPE corrected the pxeset.ini.(Look at the attached pictures).

Today, moving on to creating another set of separate images for the other Child Server. managed Software Deploy policies.