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IT Analytics Now Available to SEP Customers!

Created: 30 Aug 2010 • 4 comments
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Hello All,

IT Analytics (ITA) will now be offered to SEP, Altiris and Protection Suite customers for free via FileConnnect.

There will be no changes from how ITA is currently supported.  GDSS will continue to route all ITA calls to the Altiris support team to be resolved.

Below is some general information and links concerning ITA.

Thank you,

-Sean Downs

Symantec IT Analytics FAQ

Q1. What is IT Analytics?

IT Analytics enables users to maximize the value of the data that resides within the Altiris and Symantec Endpoint Protection by incorporating multidimensional analysis and robust graphical reporting features. This allows users to explore the databases without advanced knowledge of databases or third-party reporting tools, empowering them to ask and answer their own questions quickly, easily, and effectively. Features include powerful on-the-fly ad-hoc reporting with pivot tables, precompiled aggregations for fast answers to typically long-running queries, and easy export to .PDF, Excel, .CSV and .TIF files.

IT Analytics provides reporting packs for Altiris Client Management Suite, Altiris Server Management Suite, Altiris Asset Management Suite, Symantec ServiceDesk, and Symantec Endpoint Protection. Each reporting pack is licensed separately and follows the licensing model of the product upon which it reports.

Q2.   What customers will want to use IT Analytics?

IT Analytics is best suited for customers with large Altiris or Symantec Endpoint Protection Implementations that want better intelligence on those products. Trend analysis, fast custom reporting, and offloading the operational databases are all benefits of using IT Analytics.

IT Analytics reporting is useful for customers over 1,000 endpoints and is recommended for all customers over 5,000 endpoints.

Q3.   What are the hardware and software prerequisites for IT Analytics?


·         Pentium 4 1.8 GHz CPU

·         1 GB RAM

·         5 GB of free disk space.

Software Platforms

·         Symantec Management Platform 7.0 SP3 or later

·         Microsoft SQL Server 2005 SP2 or 2008 SP1 Analysis Services (for IT Analytics Cube database)

·         Microsoft SQL Server 2005 SP2 or 2008 SP1 Reporting Services (for IT Analytics Reports)

·         ADOMD.NET 9.0

·         Microsoft Office Web Components 11 (2003)

Q4.   How will current customers obtain IT Analytics?

IT Analytics can be installed from the Symantec Installation Manager which is the standard installation method for the Symantec Management Platform and solutions built thereon.

           Effective August 2, 2010, customers will be able to download the Symantec Installation Manager installer and 6-month trial licenses from for the respective product(s) listed above via their valid serial number.  With the future releases of Altiris, Endpoint Protection, and Protection Suite, full licenses of IT Analytics will be included.

Q5.   When will full IT Analytics licenses be available?

The next versions of each product will include a full license. Altiris 7.1 is tentatively scheduled to be available in December, 2010. The next versions of Symantec Endpoint Protection and Protection Suites are also tentatively scheduled for availability in the first half of 2011.

Q6.   How many licenses of IT Analytics will customers receive?

IT Analytics reporting pack licensing corresponds to the license meter of the product it supports. Once implemented, licenses for the reporting packs will be distributed equal to the quantity of the corresponding product For example: a customer with 1,000 licenses of Symantec Endpoint Protection will receive 1,000 licenses of IT Analytics for Symantec Endpoint Protection. Another example: a customer with 20 licenses of Altiris Asset Management Suite will receive 20 licenses of IT Analytics for Asset Management Suite. Until full licenses are included, 6-month trial licenses will be available on FileConnect for temporary usage. In the event that the trial license expires before full licenses are available, updated trial licenses will be available for download on FileConnect.  Full licenses can be applied on top of trial licenses.

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Now what i have to do for getting these benifits i already tried installing the IT analytics..but it does not worked..

Thanks & Regards,


"Defeat the Defeat before the Defeat Defeats you"
(Swami Vivekananda)

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2 Years late but,

Is this still downloadable for NS 6?


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thank you for the sharing !

Kind regards,

John Santana
IT Professional


Please be nice to me as I'm newbie in this forum.

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May I know how to check which ITA version suits our current SEP product?

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