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It’s day 3 at VMWorld and my feet are very unhappy with me...

Created: 28 Aug 2013
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This is a great venue to stir the imagination but the hills of San Francisco take a toll.  I was listening to the lunch session yesterday from the Hang Space.  One of the speakers said something to the effect of “as an IT guy, when you buy your first Tesla, it’s really a transforming experience.”  He…when you buy your first Tesla.  But what he was talking about was pretty interesting point.  In a Tesla, apparently, you are sitting on top of a whole bunch of laptop batteries.  The dashboard is a huge, web enabled LCD monitor.  Music is provided by whatever Internet radio stations you want.  You almost become Tron when you drive it.

But it also got me thinking about a conversation I had earlier in the day with a Network Admin about Trust.  With a car like the Tesla, there are fewer mechanical parts than we are used to with a traditional combustion engine driven car.  A lot of what is happening is esoteric interaction among computerized parts. 

When I was speaking with…we’ll call him Steve…about his job, he related a story about how his data center had been fractured by a lack of trust among the different departments who had equipment in there.  It took two years for the departments to really coalesce into a unit that trusted each other and worked together for the greater good.  His next task was to build that with the team at his company’s other data center at their suburban location.

If it’s that hard to trust the people you work with every day, what does it take to have that kind of trust in your data center and applications?  That question has really stuck in my head this week.  Do you trust what you have in place to secure your data?  Does upper management trust you to keep the company in compliance with state and federal laws regarding your records?  Do you trust that, should you need to failover to your DR site, your data will be there and you won’t skip a beat?

Symantec is the only company at VMWorld who offers solutions that run the full gamut of protection for the Software Defined Data Center.

We’ve got to earn your trust and then we have to keep it.  Nobody want’s to be in that “hold onto your butts” moment and watch nothing happen when you flip the switch.  Check us out on @Symantec and see what we can do to put your mind at ease.