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ITMS 7.5 SP1 Webcast Recording - June 12, 2014

Created: 12 Jun 2014 • Updated: 18 Jun 2014
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Thanks to all those who attended today's webcast on IT Management Suite 7.5 SP1.

Presentation slides are included with this post and here is the link to the Webcast recording:

And, here is the Q&A from the Webcast. Enjoy!


‑­Jeff B.­ - 12:09 PM­

Q: ­Is Chrome support part of SP1 or will this be added in another update?­

A: ­The effort to add support for Chrome is being scoped. We have not announced yet when that support will be available, but we understand is a request that has reached critical mass among our customers.­


‑­Tammy M.­ - 12:13 PM­

Q: ­Is SSR going to continue to work in the console ?­

A: ­The SSR team has not made public future plans for integration with the SMP Console. We'll make sure to post any updates on this subject as they become available.


‑­Matt A.­ - 12:14 PM­

Q: ­We received a prompt to uninstall SD 7.5 during SP1 install. Is this a bug?­

A: Yes, that was a glitch in the product definition file that has already been fixed.


‑­Sean A.­ - 12:15 PM­

Q: ­Why need to be on 7.5 MP6 to upgrade to SP1?  I am on MP4.­

A: The upgrade from hotfix 6 is a path that we focused a large portion of our QA efforts around. We felt the added reliability this provides would justify the few extra minutes it will take customers to apply hotfix 6 to their servers, if they haven't already done so.


‑­Jimmy A.­­ - 12:22 PM­

Q: ­Could you define a large number of targets?­ ­We have 1700+ or so.­

A: Yes, it is possible to create a large number of targets.­ You can continue to use that many targets. However, I would strongly encourage you to take advantage of the new capability to greatly reduce that number. I suspect that many of your targets have the same net result and you should be able to reuse­‑


‑­Dan K.­­ - 12:24 PM­

Q: ­Will there be the option to create folders under targets so I can organize them?­

A: This is an enhancement that we're working on for a future release.­


‑­Luke E.­­ - 12:32 PM­

Q: ­If a filter is used in a target does it get automatically refreshed on the refresh schedule or does the target have to be assigned to a policy or job/task?­

A: ­The filter membership will automatically be refreshed as part of the resource membership update that occurs internally whether or not it's assigned to a target­. ­BTW, in many cases you may want to use a static target so it is a constant.­


‑­Donald N.­ - 12:35 PM­

Q: ­With the new target interface, can we now clone, delete, organize targets?­

A: ­You can clone and delete them. We plan to provide folders for better organization in a following release.­


‑­Luke E.­ - 12:36 PM­

Q: ­Is that a change with 7.5 sp1 because at 7.5 a filter that is not being used with a policy does not get refreshed on the refresh schedule­

A: ­Fundamentally no change. A full resource membership update will update them whether they are assigned to a policy or not. A delta update will not. Also remember that any time you save a target or filter through this view it will update.­


‑­Peter M.­ - 12:40 PM­

Q: ­Can you Application Stream to a Windows 8 machine?­

A: ­Yes, it is compatible. ­


‑­Mike L.­ - 12:43 PM­

Q: ­Does app streaming via network share work for clients that are connected using CEM?­

A: ­You can actually put your application layers out on a cloud based share. We demoed this in Las Vegas using Norton Zone. CeM is not used. If you were trying to activate or deactivate a layer, you'd send a policy with a task for the action. ­


‑­Matt A.­ - 12:43 PM­

Q: ­Can you set permissions to limit what packages a user has access to?­

A: ­You could set permissions at the folder level, but currently not on a per package. ­


‑­Tammy M.­ - 12:46 PM­

Q: ­Does anyone know if Symantec is committed to keeping Symantec System Recovery (SSR) in the NS console with this Service pack and going forward ?­

A: Please see answer to a similar question above.


‑­Dan K.­ - 12:47 PM­

Q: ­With the streaming does it utilize any bandwidth throttling?­

A: ­There is no throttling for the network share mode. It is essentially copied fully to a client computer during provisioning. ­


‑­Donald N. - 12:47 PM­

Q: ­Can you update the refresh manually for the streaming plug-in? Kind of like how you would do an Update Config with the SMA­

A: ­Yes, you can restart the Streaming agent. This will refresh. ­


‑­Jeffrey R.­ - 12:48 PM­

Q: ­So I need to only know one major thing. When installing SP1 I was told that SSR 2013 had to be uninstalled. I did this thinking that there would be something to replace it with. I did not see this. I did find the article stating that but need a timeframe­

A: Please see answer to a similar question above.


‑­Aaron Y.­ - 12:49 PM­

Q: ­Question about network streaming, can it be organized in folders in the share?­

A: ­Absolutely. In the Appstreamcfg.txt file, you need to be sure to omit the trailing "\" in the repository line. ­


‑­DUBIE C.­ - 12:50 PM­

Q: ­In 7.1 if I remember well, there was a "scope" option and didn't see it on the filter or target section. Does it still exist? or is it managed differently in 7.5?­

A: ­You are correct. That view was simply collapsed.­


‑­Joe G.­ ­ - 12:50 PM­

Q: ­How do you remove streaming applications from specific users, instead of removing from the file share?­

A:  When using the Network Streaming mode feature access is controlled on the basis of limiting access to the specific folder in which the packages are stored.


‑­Aaron F.­ - 12:51 PM­

Q: ­Regarding workspace streaming, can you restrict certain apps to certain users?­

A: ­This is performed using permissions at the folder share. If you need granularity to users or license consumption, you would need the Streaming infrastructure. ­


‑­Matthew R.­ - 12:51 PM­

Q: ­Do we have the ability to copy or export the contents of a filter (like we used to be able to in 6.x)?­

A: ­It does have the ability to export the list in an CSV format. The export will include the computer name, IP, and GUID.­


‑­Jan T.­ - 12:51 PM­

Q: ­What virtual formats do you support? We have plenty packaged for App-V and also some for ThinApp. There was lot of work put into that. Can we reuse them?­

A:  Symantec Workspace Virtualization and Streaming supports its own native package formats (.XPF and .XPA).  Because each virtualization vendor uses its own proprietary package formats, Symantec Workspace Virtualization and Streaming are not able to support the distribution of applications packaged for App-V or ThinApp.  You may want to check with a software packaging vendor such as Flexera Software to see if they offer functionality to convert applications from one package format to another.


‑­Michael B.­ - 12:51 PM­

Q: ­Why is it not possible to create folders in the target section?­

A: ­It's an enhancement planned for a future release­


‑­Kevin L.­ - 12:53 PM­

Q: ­We have not used software streaming before. How do you get the program in a .xpa format for streaming?

­A:  Applications can be packaged in the .XPA format by using the Virtual Composer software packaging tool that is included in the Symantec Workspace Streaming product.


‑­Jason F.­ - 12:53 PM­

Q: I disagree. I have filters that do not update unless they are applied to a policy or used within another filter. I'm on 7.1­

A: Yes, you are correct. Filters and Targets are not updated by the system unless they are in use. However, remember that some filters are updated because they are referenced by another filter that is directly being used.  In summary it is probably clearer to state that “Collection Update schedules only update targets and filters that are directly (and sometimes indirectly) tied to active policies."


‑­Joe V.­ - 12:54 PM­

Q: ­Are target results cached like they are for filters?  If so, is there a way to 'refresh' an individual target other like there is for a filter?  ­

A: Yes they are cached. Caches are organically warmed up, meaning either an internal process triggered an update (I.e. A Task was scheduled) or a console user manually clicks an update button.


‑­Jan T.­ - 12:54 PM­

Q: ­In 7.5 SP1 - can we benefit from BranchCache enabled on computers on server-less remote locations?­

A:  This is not something that has been tested.


‑­dhdfg dsfasadfas­ - 12:56 PM­

Q: ­can I install SMP on sql 2014 is supported­

A:  There are plans to support SQL 2014 in the next release (Snowbird). . Please understand that plans are subject to change.


‑­Chris K.­ - 12:48 PM­

Q: ­If the Adobe Program was already on the Virtual Machine via Software Delivery will the Network Streaming agent overwrite the existing version or will both revs remain?­

A: ­Both revs will remain, but I have seen a few issues. ­


‑­Willem S.­ - 12:58 PM­

Q: ­With network streaming can the settings only been made in the text file on the client?­

A:  Yes, that is the way that it works.


‑­Michael B.­ - 12:58 PM­

Q: ­Regarding Patch Management Solution 7.5: When are the update status information like  "Installed" or "Installed by User" coming back to the Software Update tab as it was in PM 7.0?­

A:  This is an request logged in our backlog, but is not assigned to a release.


‑­Nick D.­ - 12:58 PM­

Q: ­Are there plans to make network streaming work over CEM?­

A:  This enhancement is being evaluated. It is already possible to host the packages on a file sync and share application such as Dropbox to distribute them to users outside the firewall.


‑­Michael B.­ - 12:59 PM­

Q: ­BTW 7.5 SP1 is the best update I have seen over the last 6 years... so far­

A: Thanks! :)


‑­Richard M.­ - 12:51 PM­

Q: ­Will the network Stream be covered in the Deployment Solution 7.5 class?­

A: ­It is not.­


‑­Mark W.­ - 1:01 PM­

Q: We moved to 7.5 HF6 after Vision, it went well, in DEV and Prod!  Thanks for all the Vision information.  Is the SP1 (with ServiceDesk) ready?  we have seen the posts as people are having issues....­

A: ­Yes. The ServiceDesk is ready. The issue was that the PL caused it to uninstall SD components. This has been resolved ~48 hours after reported.­‑