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It's Smarter. It's Faster. It's Here. Enterprise Vault 10 is now available!

Created: 29 Jul 2011 • Updated: 01 Aug 2011 • 2 comments
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With the way that things quickly move and change in today’s business world, it’s not surprising that organizations of all shapes and sizes can feel as though they’re running an ultra-marathon at a sprint pace. More often than not, getting ahead in the grueling race to success means being able to make intelligent decisions fast and efficiently, and archiving is one of the critical components of the type of information management strategy that can really enable that kind of decision-making excellence. It can help tackle information growth head on, and make the most relevant and important data fully and easily searchable and available.

With Enterprise Vault 10 now fully available to Symantec customers worldwide, archiving just got smarter and faster. We’ve incorporated some great new features that will help you to better link your technology and policies for effective information management across your IT and Legal departments, and across the business as a whole.

So how does Enterprise Vault 10 take archiving to the next level? For starters, it offers up built-in Data Classification Services (DCS) to add context and relevance to Exchange messages, it provides the  ability to archive social media content, it features a new 64-bit index to improve scalability and performance and it is available with some new, flexible deployment options. And, Enterprise Vault forms the basis for a comprehensive eDiscovery solution that now includes the Clearwell eDiscovery Platform (now a part of Symantec).

For more details on what Enterprise Vault 10 has in store for your information management practice, please visit the Enterprise Vault Homepage on

Also, visit for the  Official Enterprise Vault 10 Press Release.

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Just to add some release information about how to get more details & the software download.

You can find links to documentation & release notes here.


How to obtain the installation download and license keys for Enterprise Vault"

If you need a refresher on how to obtain the software & license keys, read the following technote. Each time we release a new version I often get asked how to download the software or how to find the right Fileconnect ID to download it; this article normally answers most of those issues.

Updated Compatibility Guide

The guide has been completely updated for V10 so please download this latest one to learn more about new dependencies for existing versions and of course all the pre-reqs for V10.


V10 Performance Guide 

No new release would be complete without an udated Performance Guide, so please have a good read of the following guide updated with all the relevent V10 details.

Happy Downloading.




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Great to see my old team continuing to build on Enterprise Vault's traditional strengths and successes by adding new value through technology (Data Classification, Social Media Archiving), refreshing the necessary components of the architecture to take advantage of the future (new 64-bit indexing), and combining with the best E-Discovery in market (Clearwell).

Well done team, and carry on! :-)

Nick Wade
Group Product Manager - Service Provider Mobility
Symantec Enterprise Security

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