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Created: 08 Jan 2008 • Updated: 29 Jul 2010 • 1 comment
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Version: 6

Capture Mode: Single Capture Mode.

Items to mention:

1) ITunes installs quicktime in the same process. This means that a Single Program Capture will still work to capture both. If you want them in different layers, install QT in its own layer and capture ITunes on machine with the latest QT in the base.

Normally, applications in a VSP show up in Add/Remove Programs with no "Change" and "Remove" button(s). For some reason TBD, however, the "Change/Remove" button does show up with iTunes. This is a known issue.

Additional Settings

iTunes has two preference files that can be copied into the Read-only layer to prevent the display of the EULA and initial startup options (so instead iTunes launches directly the first time).

[APPDATA]\Apple Computer\iTunes\iTunes.pref

[LOCALAPPDATA]\ Apple Computer\iTunes\iTunes.pref

Each file contains different settings. The file under [LOCALAPPDATA] has the EULA and the “Check for iTunes updates automatically” settings.

Simply launch iTunes once and run thru the initial configuration. Then edit the layer, moving these two files from Writeable to Read-only. Alternately, the .pref extension can be excluded so that user preferences are not included in the layer, and thus not lost when the application is reset.

Note: Some settings are saved in the user’s iTunes directory [MYMUSIC]\iTunes.

Also, set Auto-Close [1] to prevent "open process" errors when deactivating the layer.

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