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January State of Spam Report

Created: 11 Jan 2008 08:00:00 GMT • Updated: 23 Jan 2014 18:43:04 GMT
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The January State of Spam reportshows that as 2007 ended, spam surged and accounted for 75 percent ofall email, increasing to 83 percent in the last few days leading up tothe holiday season. The December State of Spam report had showed that 72% of email traffic was spam.

Spammers changed their techniques for the holidays by insertingseasonal oriented keywords into URLs, subject lines, and embeddedimages within their messages. The objective here was to implant theholiday spirit into the readers' minds and provide blatant gift-givingideas. No, there were no guessing games here as to what the spammerswanted to sell you for the gift giving season. The hot items Symantecobserved were gift cards, electronics, replica products, and the everpresent cheap drugs. Symantec observed an estimated 93 million spammessages focused on the holiday season during December.

Other highlights noticed in December and described in detail in the January State of Spam Report are:
• 419 spammers change their approach
• Spammers deliver malicious content
• Spammers leverage the US presidential primaries to collect personal information
• Rise of the Chinese Blogs

To read more and view samples of what was observed in December please see the January State of Spam Report.