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Jumping into Dell -err Symantec Management Console 7

Created: 14 Aug 2009 • Updated: 14 Aug 2009 • 1 comment
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Yes, even I'm no longer calling it NS7.

So I'm setting up the devlab with 7, and yes - I'm very fascinated by the amount of OOB support for both Dell and HP - both will make my life much easier.  However, my IT management staff will freak if I show them a console branded Dell.

If you install the Dell Management Console while you bring 7 up, you'll likely be greeted with a Dell Management Console after installation.

Why HP doesn't brand, or why we don't have an option to choose the branding is fodder for some late night discussions at Vision in Vegas next year.  You're going right?  You know this economic slowdown thing is almost over, right?  I expect to see all of you there.

In the meantime, as you're setting up your POC, or moving to 7 to satisfy your inner techie voices, here's a SQL script to revert your Symantec Management Console back to it's Symantec-y self.

Run it in Query Analyzer, and make sure you have the Symantec_CMDB selected.

UPDATE Item SET ModifiedDate = ( select getdate() )
WHERE Guid = (    SELECT Item.Guid
                        FROM Item
                        Join ItemClass ON Item.Guid = ItemClass.Guid
                        WHERE ItemClass.ClassGuid = '1f768417-511a-4c22-afbc-4a66720f793a'
                        and Item.Name like 'Default%' )


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Maybe you can help me as you found out how to revert to the original SMP console. Our customer would customize the SMP console, change the logo Symantec...
Do you know a way how I can do this?
Thanks a lot in advance
Maria Regev

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