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Language Preferences in Connect

Created: 03 Jun 2013 • Updated: 14 May 2014 • Page Views: 8
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We are introducing a new configuration on Symantec Connect that will help you see information in whichever language you are most comfortable seeing.

In the past, Symantec Connect has ignored any preferences that you have set in your browser and has loaded the English version of Connect (by default) or has remembered the language interface that you switch to while using Connect. This configuration change will enable Connect to identify preferences that you have set in your web browser and serve you the appropriate language interface automatically. If you prefer to have Connect appear in English (or any other language available), you simply need to choose that language from the language switcher--and Connect will remember your preference.

Language Switcher.png

Blog Author:
Leslie Miller is a community manager for the Inside Symantec community and the Vision User Conference community. She also manages the Symantec Connect Trusted Advisor program.