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Learning GSS the hard way.

Created: 25 Mar 2009 • 2 comments
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A few months back (probably almost a year now, actually), my organization bought several (*cough* 90, whoops) licenses for Ghost Solution Suite 2.0. After several weeks of installing, uninstalling, reinstalling, conifugring routers, mucking with the domain, and client installs, we finally got it to work in conjunction with WINS. Because of the nature of my organization, we don't have direct control over our routers and switches - they're controlled remotely at another site several hours away. As such, we are unable to use Mutlicasting.

So, late one night when we finally had GSS running, one of my coworkers and I decided to see what we could do with it. We noticed that we could edit different computer settings - domain membership, computer names, etc.

I would also like to point out that at this point, we didn't have a console account set up for Ghost in the domain.

You can probably see where this is going.

My coworker decided to attempt to rename a computer using GSS. Click, click, type, click. Now every single computer (roughly about 150 workstations and 10 servers) on the network is named "COMPUTERNAME", and down the hall we hear a classroom's speakers putting out that distinctive Windows "plunk" sound over and over. "This name already exists on the network."

"No worries!" I proclaimed. Click, click, type, click. Now every single computer on the network is part of the "WORKGROUP" workgroup, no longer connected to the domain. The network goes crosseyed, and the console, WINS, and domain controllers lose connection to all of the clients.


Moral of the story: GSS's tutorials are fantastic, use them. Otherwise, a late night can turn into a 48-hour day.

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Ouch that must of been a learning experience.
It's good thing there's a lot of useful information/tips and tricks here with the forums, articles and blogs to provide help for people using GSS.

Here are some links that should help people from learning GSS the hard way.

A tutorial on the basics of using GSS Console:

GSS documents:

Knowledge base

These links can also be found at


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My company upgraded from Ghost 8.X to GSS 2.5, 1100 licenses. They had a network admin install the console on one of our client support servers, then they left it. For 6 months until I finally realized we had it.

Anyway I jumped on the chance to start doing remote imaging and didn't take the time to read the manual as much as I should have and created a Ghost Partition. I then decided it would be a great thing to have on my PC so I put it on, right over my primary partition.

So two days later I finally finish rebuilding my PC and print out the entire Ghost manual and start reading. I also scrounge together a few test PC's.

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