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Limitations of Windows 7 Sysprep from Ghost Point Of View

Created: 29 Jun 2010
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As far as the sysprep answer file for Windows XP is concerned, It is possible to edit the answer file and even use it  to copy the user profile as such. From Ghost point of View, The user is able to keep the "computer name" field blank so that he gets a prompt for name after each image deployment. But in case of the Windows 7 Sysprep answer file, It forces the user to add the computer name rather than keeping it blank. And my understanding is that it is not possible to copy the user profile too. Sysprep ,as you know, is a microsoft utility to automate the installation process. Hence it reduces the work of system administrator when used with ghost while deploying the master image to large number of computers. Ghost has a user friendly sysprep answer file where the user needs to just fill in the required fields. And this works fine with the XP answer file. But in case of WIN 7 answer file, you will have to fill all the fields with data even if they look irrelevant. Still, It is possible to substitute sysprep to an extend using the configuration task in Ghost Console.

Regarding  Sysprep in Ghost Solution Suite, If the user needs to use the sysprep file for deploying to more than one computer, it would be apt to fill the " Computer Name " field with a common name for the computers followed by couple of asterisks as follows: " Symantec** " . Ghost has its own limitations as far as Sysprep issues are concerned. Any changes done to a sysprep answer file from the side of Ghost will be a violation of license agreements. Syprep file is provided as an added feature with Symantec Ghost Solution Suite and the support is limited too. Lets hope for something helpful from the side of Microsoft regarding the same.

DIlip Sebastian