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Longing for SWV

Created: 28 Apr 2009 • Updated: 29 Jul 2010 • 1 comment
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So I had a challenge lately at a customer.

They want a virtual package for a programme called IntWis. The programme itself is no problem at all, just a simple wise, so SVS > new layer and packaging like the fire brigade. No problem at all.

But then... The application depends on Business Objects, ArcGIS and three variants of Oracle. Oracle 8, Oracle 9 and Forms 6. But not just one installer, but very specific it needed one component of Oracle 8, another of Oracle 8.12 update, some of Oracle 9 and all of Oracle Forms 6. All of them carry their own enviroment, their own ORACLE_HOME and what not.

The tricky part is: that is almost impossible to accomplish in normal SVS. Layers see eachother and conflict like their is no tomorrow. Three different oracles, three different kinds of enviroments.

Finally i got one solution working, barely.

I came to the conclusion that creating one package for the entire application wouldn't work, period. Too much info, too many variables conflicting, too much clutter. So here is how:
If you want to package Oracle, keep in mind it consists of only two products: Oracle 8 and Oracle 9. Forms are a part of either one, but are not a product by themselves. Forms needs the envirmoent variables in either packages, depending on the version you try to install. If it is part of the Oracle 8 installer, layer it in the Oracle 8 package. If you use the one from the 9 installer, layer it in the 9 package.

And here is where SWV would have come in handy. Layer exclusion would prevent Oracle 9 to see Oracle 8, or to touch eachothers variables and enviroment.

Oh how I long for SWV...

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SWV can solve that. In SWV you can isolate the both Oracle versions and then you can share the forms layers.
It will not take long for SWV to get released, so it is just a short wait.

Regards Erik Dinamiqs is the home of VirtualStorm (

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