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Look No Hands - Killing the Password

Nico's session at Vision ended with a surprise demo with Goggle Glass
Created: 08 May 2014
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During Nico Popp's session at Vision he proved how he didn't need a password or even to use his hands when logging into an online application - yes he is wearing Google Glass. That was the coup de grace after showing everyone the progression VIP is going to take to kill the password. Already the new Push verification has done away with the 6-digit security code, replacing it with the push of a button as the second factor. Next the password will be replaced with a PIN number as the something you know - the mobile device is the first factor (something you have). Finally, the PIN will be replaced by biometrics, the swipe of a finger on your smartphone. Your two factors are now something you have (smartphone) and something you are (fingerprint)- effectively killing the password. Nico took it a step further by showing how in the future wearable technology could possibly be used. He used the voice feature on his google glasses to show how they could be used to approve the login to a simulated banking site.