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Love is in the Air....

Created: 08 Feb 2007 08:00:00 GMT • Updated: 23 Jan 2014 18:52:46 GMT
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Today has seen another large-scale spamming of Trojan.Peacomm, aka the "Storm Trojan". With Valentine's Day approaching, this time around the authors are attempting to tug on the heartstrings of unsuspecting users with romantic subject lines such as "My Heart belongs to you" and "Together You and I". The mail body is empty and the attachments have the usual names of "Greeting Card.exe", "Postcard.exe", and "Greeting Postcard.exe".

The Trojan is much the same as we've seen before, the only difference being that the authors have used a modified packer in an (unsuccessful) effort to evade detection by AntiVirus vendors. These latest samples are proactively detected as Bloodhound.Packed.13 with Rapid Release definitions dated 02/07/2007 (revision 54). Definitions dated 02/08/2007 (revision 25) and later will detect them as Trojan.Peacomm.