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Mac Client Agent Support for Altiris Products

Created: 16 Apr 2009 • 5 comments
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Do you want to know which client agents are available for Mac? The Mac agent is available for the Altiris Notification Server, supporting versions 10.3.9 through 10.5.x. Solutions available for managing Apple's Mac computers include the following: Inventory, Software Delivery, and PC Anywhere. The Deployment solution doesn't currently offer a client for Mac. Altiris says that they are working on adding Mac support to a lot of their products. I sure hope that the Deployment solution is one of them. Also, I hope that they add the capability of being able to use a Mac to run an instance of the Deployment Solution. If everything goes web-based like most of the products seem to be headed in that direction, it would work on a Mac too. Hopefully it happens. If you know of any other Altiris products that have Mac support, please add comments about it. Thanks.

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Hey James,

Actually DS does have a Mac Agent for it that you can run on yours OSX clients that allows you to send files, such as .PKG, as well as remote control via VNC provided you modify the DS, and allows you to script out an image job that will utilize your Netboot servers.  You will find it in your agents folder and is called darwin I believe.

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Let me clarify.  There is no DS Agent for Mac with Deployment Solution 7.0 yet.  Palvaran is correct, that there is a Mac agent for Deployment Server 6.8 and 6.9.

Here is the full list of CMS 7.0 "solutions" that have Mac support:

Deployment (DS 6.8/6.9)
Network Discovery
Software Management
Patch Management (SP1)

Here is the list of tradtional Symantec products:

    Norton Internet Security For Mac®
    Norton AntiVirus Dual Protection for Mac
    Norton Internet Security Dual Protection For Mac®
    Norton AntiVirus 11 for Mac

Backup and Archiving
    Backup Exec 12.5

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I had been slightly misinformed. Thank you for  clarifying what is actually available.

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Has there been any more added for Mac support recently? I have been asked to compare Altiris Mac support to Casper from JAMF Software, strictly on a technical level.

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It is great to see that support for Macs is getting much better in the Symantec/Altiris products.

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