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Macintosh Hostnames with Apostrophes Are Not Reporting Correctly

Created: 17 Jul 2009
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Some may have noticed that any Macintosh computer name containing an apostrophe is listed incorrectly in Resource Manager.

This is actually a function of the Mac OS X operating system. It creates a hostname from the name specified in System Preferences/Sharing by removing apostrophes and changing spaces to dashes. See the following chart for more information.

Mac client – System Preferences/sharing computer name:   Douglas Jenkins’s Mac Pro
Mac client - results of ‘hostname’ command:              douglas-jenkinss-mac-pro.local
Mac client – prompt label:                               douglas-jenkinss-mac-pro

Altiris Table –          Douglas Jenkins’s Mac Pro
Altiris Table – inv_aex_ac_tcpip.hostname:               douglas-jenkinss-mac-pro

Resource Manager – Resource Name (and IE Title Bar):     Douglas Jenkins’s Mac Pro
Resource Manager – Fully Qualified Name:                 douglas-jenkinss-mac-pro