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A Major Step forward for EV for SharePoint

Created: 26 Sep 2012 • Updated: 26 Sep 2012 • 2 comments
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Today Symantec will announce the release of Enterprise Vault 10.0.2 which includes major changes to our SharePoint agent.   EV has supported SharePoint since 2002 and has always provided storage optimization by replacing documents with 6 byte shortcuts that are completely seamless to the user.  

In EV10.0.2 we extend the agent’s capabilities to also archive custom lists, blogs, wikis, discussion boards and several other list types.  

This new functionality expands the solution in three ways:

  1. Further storage optimization – Now EV for SharePoint can replace attachments from supported list and social media with shortcuts dramatically reducing overall SharePoint storage
  2. Address Site Proliferation – When I speak to SharePoint Administrators, one of their primary concerns is addressing site proliferation.   Sites often long outlive their usefulness yet no one wants to be responsible for deleting valuable content.   As a result, content tends to live forever in SharePoint wasting space, bloating indexes and causing end-user frustration as they struggle to find content.   By archiving the most valuable content from a site the SharePoint administrator can feel more confident in deleting the site from SharePoint knowing the content is preserved in the archive.
  3. Address eDiscovery & compliance needs   - Heavily regulated industries cannot leverage communication tools within SharePoint unless they can capture & produce the content to meet regulations.   EV now captures blogs & discussion boards – capturing the full conversation not individual posts/replies - allowing companies to take full advantage of their SharePoint implementation.  Once captured, content can be directly ingested into Clearwell for downstream processing.   Capturing this content enables heavily regulated customers to roll out SharePoint features to all employees and still meet the compliance/eDiscovery requirements.  

To learn more about the new functionality in EV for SharePoint take a look at the following videos which walk through creation of a new policy and the end-user experience:

Also check out Rob Mossi's post on the rest of what's new in EV10.0.2 -

Please comment with your thoughts on the new features.


Dave Scott
Product Manager - EV for SharePoint

Follow me on Twitter - @DScottyt

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Will there be equivolent support from Enterprise for the Office 365 SharePoint Online?

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The ability to archive SharePoint documents from O365 to EV.Cloud is planned for later this year.

Do you also need:

  1. The ability to archive other content sources within O365 (lists/social) to EV.Cloud?
  2. The ability to introduce more flexible policies (based on metadata, file name, ,size etc.)?

You can also archive to EV for SharePoint on-prem and then shift content to our cloud partners as a secondary storage tier.

Let me know if you are intested in discussing this in more detail offline.


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