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Manually Installing the Intel/Altiris vPro Products, Including OOB, RTSM, and Network Discovery

Created: 05 Jun 2007
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The Intel vPro Manageability Toolkit requires a large number of prerequisites and installs to properly complete the full install. It is recommended to use the Solution Center if possible so that all prerequisites are automatically installed. This can be done by browsing to the 'Install/Upgrade Additional Solutions' node, under the 'Available Solutions' tab, under 'Segments', and 'Partner Solutions'.

However this isn't always feasible. If so, the following list provides the list of items to be installed, and in what order they should be installed in.

Here are the products, in order, found at

Name -- Filename on

  1. Altiris Notification Server with SP3 -- Altiris_NS_6_0.exe
  2. Altiris Notification Server R5 -- Altiris_NS_6_0_SP3_KB31946.exe
  3. Altiris Notification Server Documentation -- Altiris_DocNS_6_0.exe
  4. Altiris Console 6.5 -- Altiris_Console_6_5.exe
  5. Altiris Console 6.5 Data -- Altiris_ConsoleData_6_5.exe
  6. Altiris Console Language Pack -- Altiris_ConsoleLP_6_5.exe
  7. Altiris Console Data Language Pack -- Altiris_ConsoleDataLP_6_5.exe
  8. Altiris Console Documentation -- Altiris_DocAltirisConsole_6_5.exe
  9. Altiris Task Management -- Altiris_TaskManagement_6_0.exe
  10. Altiris Task Server Language Pack -- Altiris_TaskServerLP_6_0.exe
  11. Report Pack for Task Server -- Altiris_ReportTaskServer_6_0.exe
  12. Task Server Documentation -- Altiris_DocTaskServer_6_0.exe
  13. Network Discovery -- Altiris_NetworkDiscovery_6_0.exe
  14. Network Discovery Documentation -- Altiris_DocNetworkDiscovery_6_0.exe
  15. Altiris Network Discovery Language Pack -- Altiris_NetworkDiscoveryLP_6_0.exe
  16. Real-Time Console Infrastructure -- Altiris_RTCI_6_2.exe
  17. Real-Time System Manager -- Altiris_RTSM_6_2.exe
  18. Real-Time System Manager Solution Documentation -- Altiris_DocRTSM_6_2.exe
  19. Report Pack for Real Time System Manager -- Altiris_ReportRealTimeSystemManager_6_2.exe
  20. Altiris Out of Band Management Solution -- Altiris_OutOfBandManagement_6_1.exe
  21. Out of Band Management Solution Documentation -- Altiris_DocOutOfBand_6_1.exe
  22. Report Pack for Out of Band Management Solution -- Altiris_ReportOutOfBandManagement_6_1.exe
  23. Out of Band Management Language Pack -- Altiris_OutOfBandManagementLP_6_1.exe
  24. Out of Band Setup and Configuration Solution -- Altiris_OOBSC_6_1.exe
  25. Out of Band Setup and Configuration Language Pack -- Altiris_OutOfBandSCLP_6_1.exe

Execute the EXEs in order.