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March's Meeting

Created: 21 Mar 2011
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I wanted to thank Tim once again for his presentation during our last meeting.

There  was a lot of great information, as well as a lot of discussions, and I hope everyone was able to gain something from the past meeting.

Now we are finally into Spring, and our next meeting is not until Fall, I know its early to be thinking of topics, but I wanted to share with you some thoughts that came up.

Data Security came up between some of us as a topic for our next meeting, for

off site backups as well as on site items.  I know a lot of us, including myself have to have backups secured, not only physically but also the data needs to be encrypted and there are several options available to us.

Some of us either have or will have items to have data secure no matter where its at,

if its on site, or off site, or with in your own laptops.

Just wanted to put this out there so as everyone starts to think of the warmer weather and hopefully some time to enjoy the summer, that if anyone has any thoughts to this topic or others to make a note of it or let me know so I can note it down.

Thank you everyone for a good meeting.

Scott Thornberry