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May Issue of The Confident SMB: Mobile Entertainment and a Matter of Trust

Created: 02 Jun 2010 • Updated: 14 May 2014 • Page Views: 5
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The May issue of The Confident SMB is now available, containing exclusive interviews with SMB customers and Symantec partners, features on how to select the right technology provider and do more with less. 
The latest issue of The Confident SMB showcases a cover story interview with Chad Kalmes, IT director of MobiTV, Inc. With its award-winning Managed Services Platform, MobiTV, Inc. offers a disruptive technology that is revolutionizing the ways in which television, videos, and music services are consumed. And with the help of Symantec Partner Blue Chip Tek, Kalmes and his team have leveraged a number of Symantec solutions that are enabling the business.
Partner Case Study - A matter of trust
Faced with the need to move to an online model of doing business with insurance carriers, Cooper Insurance Agency engaged Symantec Silver Partner The SoundSide Group to upgrade its technology infrastructure more than a decade ago. The relationship has grown over the years. But the results remain the same: Cooper Insurance Agency is able to focus on what it does best—serving its customers.

And the features are…
SMBs are faced with having less budget and resources to keep their business running.  By leveraging resourceful IT strategies, they can maximize their resources and extend their budgets. The “Doing More with Less” pinpoints eight strategies on how SMBs can get more out our their shrinking budgets by leveraging technology to drive productivity gains and operational efficiencies.
There are a dozen things SMBs must do to keep their business running. The last issue they want to deal with is technology. Finding the right technology provider is critical. The “Two Heads are Better than One” feature includes various tips on what criteria SMBs can employ when evaluating technology providers and strategies they can draw upon to ensure a successful working relationship.

Calling all IT Professionals…
The Confident SMB is looking for IT professionals to share their thoughts and analysis with contributed articles to provide lessons learned, tips and tricks, and best practices for SMBs. To view contributed article guidelines, click here.

And much more
In addition to the above, readers wil read about the latest IT security trends for SMBs, what cities are at the highest risk for cyber crime, how the FBI’s name is being used to scam large sums of money, and more. And as always, make sure to check out the introductory column by Symantec’s Chief Marketing Officer Carine Clark. In this issue, she connects data protection and confidentiality and argues that privacy should be a critical concern for SMBs. 
Editorial team—we’re listening
The editorial team for The Confident SMB wants to hear from you. Email your ideas for future feature topics and recommendations on customers and partners that you think would be a good fit for upcoming issues to or