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Identity and Authentication Services

Meet Kerry Loftus, VP of Consumer Authentication

Created: 08 Feb 2008 • Updated: 08 Aug 2012
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Hi! My name is Kerry Loftus and I have product marketing and management ownership for our consumer authentication product offerings. By day, I'm a dedicated VeriSign employee focusing for the last 8 years on security technologies that are valuable to our customers in helping them better secure their online interactions with customers, business partners and employees. Few would also suspect, outside of my career, I'm a dedicated wife and mother to 4 kids (two boys and two girls, ages 1 - 13 years). Yikes! By keeping my toes in both professional and day-to-day worlds, I hope to bring real-world perspective to a space that is highly technical, potentially complicated, but incredibly essential in our still emerging digital world.

We found an awesome video on YouTube: the "MiniGeek" gets his PayPal security key in the mail, and shows us as he sets it up in less than two minutes. It's child's play! (this video has been removed.)