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Messaging & Web Security at Symantec Vision 2010 in Barcelona

Created: 01 Sep 2010 • 4 comments
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I can't quite believe it's September already, this year is flying by at a crazy pace.
This means that the Symantec Vision conference in EMEA has come around quickly too.

This year, we are at the CCIB in Barcelona, Spain, during the first week of October - Tuesday 5th through Thursday 7th.

Amongst the many, many sessions over the 3 day conference, there are a number of Mail & Web security sessions that you shouldn't miss (not least because I'm co-presenting them smiley ), so in no particular order.

  1. Best Practices for Email Security.
  2. Anatomy of a Web Attack.
  3. Hands On Lab - Best Practices for installing and Configuring Symantec Brightmail Gateway.
  4. Hands On Lab - Best Practices for installing and Configuring Symantec Web Gateway.
  5. Deploying Symantec Protection Suite: Architecture and Best Practices.

Other interesting sessions in the messaging and web security realm:

  • The State of Spam
  • Cost of Email Security - Calculating your risks
  • Protecting against Botnets
  • Best Practices for installing and configuring Symantec Mail Security for Exchange
  • Running Security Operations with Symantec Protection Center

If you are joining us at EMEA Vision this year, what are you looking forward to most?

Be sure to let me know if you are coming along, there are going to be plenty of opportunities to talk to our product specialists, engineers, decision makers and of course to network with your peers.


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what major difference in Symantec mail security and Bright mail Filter

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Mail Security for Exchange and Domino integrate with the mail server to scan files that have already been accepted by the mail server and can rescan them when newer virus definitions are downloaded. This can help for cases where there was no detection for a threat as it came in but a few hours later we release definitions for it and it will be caught.

Brightmail Message Filter and Brightmail Gateway work at the perimeter to scan mail as it comes in. This helps alleviate load on your mail server, but only allows us to scan for threats once.

The best option is to use both. Most small businesses use just the Mail Security product, mid-sized businesses tend to use just the SBG and large companies like Symantec tend to use a combo.

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akottas's picture

There are actually three distinct options:

- Symantec Brightmail Gateway - Symantec's secure email gateway appliance, available as a physical or virtual appliance, which combines antispam filtering, antivirus filtering, sender reputation-based filtering, DLP/compliance filtering, an integrated high performance MTA, and a rich reporting interface and message audit log.  This is the recommended mail gateway for most enterprise customers.

- Symantec Brightmail Message Filter - Symantec's spam and virus filtering software, with no integrated MTA.  This product is really designed for customers that require custom configurations, in terms of MTA, provisioning, and reporting, and is being optimized for our service provider customers.

- Symantec Mail Security - Symantec's integrated offerings for Exchange and Domino environments.  The Symantec Mail Security products bring our antivirus filtering, as well as optional antispam filtering, directly onto the Exchange or Domino platform.  For smaller customers, this may be their only email security investment, but for most larger customers, this would be paired with a secure email gateway such as Brightmail Gateway on the front-end, which can cut off the 90% or more of malicious traffic before it enters the enterprise.

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Mahesh Roja's picture

Thanks All for clarification...

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