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Mobile – And On The March!

Created: 26 Jun 2014 • Updated: 26 Jun 2014
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If there is one message that Symantec would like you, the analyst community, to recognise and take on board right now, it is this: We are not slowing down in the least. Symantec has real momentum and conviction around where it wants and plans to be – and nowhere is this better demonstrated than in our recent acquisition of NitroDesk, which totally reaffirms our commitment to mobile.

This is a great purchase for Symantec and our customers, enabling us to integrate NitroDesk’s mature email application with Symantec’s existing app-wrapping, device management, threat protection, data loss prevention, authentication and identity technologies – thus delivering a solution that improves business collaboration and out-of-office productivity.

At the same time, you can expect further mobile enhancements to be rolled out in the coming months to further boost the mobile productivity and security of our customers.

This is going to be a big part of our mobile story going forward, and already we are seeing very positive feedback and social media traction in response to the acquisition. Our customer base, as well as media outlets have been extremely supportive of the move and positive about the direction in which they see us travelling.

"Symantec has pulled together a lot of different components to form their EMM solution over the last few years, and actually that even includes their own email app, announced about a year ago. So what are they getting out of NitroDesk? The answer is a lot more clear than with Google and Divide.”
Jack Madden, TechTarget’s Brian Madden Blog

“Symantec has updated multiple components of its enterprise mobility management products, uniting the various technologies into a single system.”
Stephen Withers, ITWire

Meanwhile, there have been huge advances on the marketing front as well, with our latest ‘Do It All’ campaign now live and active globally. The big marketing machine at Symantec that we’ve been telling you about for some time is now up and running. And I can promise you there is a great deal more in the offering.

Just as critical to the Symantec vision is the fast approaching next big release – 5.0 – which will bring some very exciting changes around branding, along with the promised simplification of our offering, delivering the integrated, powerful solutions our customers are seeking.

Believe me, we really can’t wait to share that next phase of our new direction with you.


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