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More discussion on Extended Validation and small businesses

Created: 22 Dec 2006 • Updated: 18 Dec 2012
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Here are a couple of worthwhile bloggings motivated by the recent Wall Street Journal article on Extended Validation.

Bruce Schneier has a fairly short posting that motivated a lot of discussion in the comments section. I certainly see some good information floating through these comments. At the same time there are some wrong assumptions as well. I'll endeavor to put up a posting soon and set some of these errors straight.

Microsoft responded to this flurry of press activity with a posting of its own on the IEBlog. It's a cogent explanation of the current limitations, their reasons, and the alternatives available to businesses. One quote: "Given the benefits that EV Certificates bring for consumers and businesses alike, it only makes sense to make EV available as soon as possible, and keep improving the guidelines to cover all types of businesses."