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More prize options for Symantec Rewards... I need your comments please...

Created: 18 Jun 2009 • Updated: 19 Jun 2009 • 5 comments
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Hi Team,

First of all, let me thank the whole community for being very generous in giving their ideas, thoughts and knowhow to help us in solving our issues and problems on virus infections. Symantec rewards us by giving us memorable tokens of appreciation for doing our best in giving each one a helping hand. I had noticed several members who are outside the United States that are also making this site work very professional and effective. Due to this, I would suggest that we add more rewards items to further give us the freedom to choose more...

Symantec has resolved this by using and other certified resellers to deliver our priceless rewards but some parts of the world would not be reached by Amazon. This is why I had proposed an idea that would help us to choose more...

Please kindly see the following link below and vote so that it would have a chance to be heard and implemented by our good Admins...

I would also like to hear from all of you about what other reasonabl prizes could we add on the existing rewards list...
I for myself would request to add computers, laptops and/ or notebooks to the options. Why? Because these prizes not only gives us joy in our hearts but also help us more in AV research and connect more to this site for knowledge or in helping others more...

I hope that others would also help making this dream a reality...

Just my thoughts Team...

Thank you...

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Ghe21's picture

Is a nice idea to have more rewards and more knwoledge sharing by symantec

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she_esteban's picture

yeah right...........
This would be helpful to everyone in connecting in this site for more knowledge and insights.

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Bijay.Swain's picture

yes laptops of all models and all price and softwares can be added to the rewards list.

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Hi folks,

Please keep in mind the rewards program is managed internally.  I'll send this over to the appropriate folks, but  I do not know if simply "adding laptops and software" is as easy as it may sound. I'm also moving this over to the Inside Symantec area, as this is specific to the community.



check out the community at

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LeslieMiller's picture

Hi all--

Because there are two threads with the same comments, I am going to close this thread to further comments. If you want to follow the discusssion, you can do so here.

Thanks,  Leslie

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