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Netting Out NetBackup

Moving Beyond “Dudes with Spreadsheets”: Monitor and Report on Your NetBackup Environment with OpsCenter

Created: 12 Apr 2013 • 1 comment
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In large environments, it’s imperative to have a sound reporting and monitoring strategy around your backup and recovery infrastructure.  You need to know if your backups are running successfully, your boss needs to be able to show management that the company has a working solution that is delivering protection results, and in many cases, passing audit. If you don’t have this ability, then how do you know you’re getting a good return on your investment?  How can management justify that they are running the right solution? Here are a few valuable NetBackup OpsCenter benefits:

  • Better predict backup storage consumption across multiple locations through maintained historical backup and archive job information.
  • Reports can be created around one of the most highly managed areas of NetBackup: the policy and schedule engine.
  • People can be less removed from day to day operations, and have centralized reporting for backup and archive operations.
  • Business reporting previously available with VBR - including historical trending and predictive forecasting, cost analysis reports, complete report customization and support for 3rd party data protection products - now included in the OpsCenter package.

At Symantec Vision 2013 the week of April 15th in Las Vegas, come learn about one of NetBackup’s most ambitious and exciting changes in how you monitor and manage your NetBackup environment.  In this session, “Moving Beyond “Dudes with Spreadsheets”:  Monitor and Report on Your NetBackup Environment with OpsCenter”, we will enable you with information on how NetBackup customers are using OpsCenter to gain increased efficiency in their backup and recovery operations. We will take a deep dive into the roadmap covering how Symantec is bringing together optimal functionality across NetBackup, OpsCenter, and NetBackup Appliances into one platform. See our upcoming designs and have a chance to provide direct feedback to our Engineering team. The session time is:

  • Thursday April 18th, 9:00-10:00am PST

For more details on this session and others, please visit our Vision Session site at:

Symantec Vision 2013 Session Search Catalog

Action Plan:

  1. This week:  Attend our session
  2. 30 days:  Stay tuned for collateral and information about what’s coming in NetBackup 7.6., and look for our new collateral available for enhancements to OpsCenter.     
  3. 60 days: Engage your Symantec Sales and Specialist teams for discussions and lunch and learns around how NetBackup monitoring and reporting can benefit your business.

Not attending Vision?  There’s still time to register here:

More Information on NetBackup 7.5:

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Hi kyle,

eagerly waiting to see vision highlights. Could get chance to part of vision @ Vegas..

is there internal vision group where highlights can seen?

 Cheers !!!


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