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Moving Partitions in Enterprise Vault

Created: 25 Aug 2012 • Updated: 29 May 2014
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A question which was raised a few weeks ago on the Connect Forums was how to go about moving partition data from one location to another, on the same server.  Let's assume for now that you currently have a partition per drive, eg :

d:\ev data\MailboxVault Ptn2

e:\ev data\MailboxVault2 Ptn3

And so on.

Each of these 'small' volumes might be heading towards a low amount of free space, so, you want to consolidate things.  The steps I would suggest are based on a technote, see below.  My high level steps would be :-

1.  Put EV in Backup Mode

2.  Copy the data from the existing partition to a new bigger location.  

(eg t:\ev data\MailboxVault Ptn2, and t:\ev data\MailboxVault2 Ptn3)

There are several good copy solutions available, such as Robocopy, Teracopy, Super Copier and so on.

3.  Verify that copy.

Even if all you do is use Windows Explorer to show the number of files and folders in each location..  But really, you should be using the verification built in to the copier tool that you choose.

4.  Rename the original partitions (don't delete them *just* yet)

5.  Modify the entries in the PartitionEntry table in the Directory Database to point to the new locations.

6.  Try retrieving an item which you know is one of the moved partitions.

7. Try restarting the EV services, and verify no issues are reported.

8.  If all is well, take Enterprise Vault out of backup mode.

9.  At some point later, a day, or two maybe? you can then delete the original data.



If you want the uber belts and braces approach, then of course you should do a backup of SQL (Directory Database) and as well as turning on Backup Mode, you could stop the EV services.