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Msispy: A Tool to Display Component-Level View of System

Created: 25 Oct 2009 • Updated: 26 Oct 2009
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Msispy is an utility which comes along with Windows installer SDK. If you want to troubleshoot a MSI package in component level or feature level, I will recommend this tool as the best option for repackagers.It provides a nice GUI and command line utilities which makes it very user friendly.

MsiSpy provides a component level view of the products and features installed on a system, using either an MSI Package, or the registry information. Msispy also displays the status of each, and allows you to partially or completely re-install missing or damaged items. You  can also re-configure any product or feature, selecting the install level, and specifying whether to install it locally or run it from a network server.

 Some of the main features are;

  1. It allows you to open an MSI package and display all information about it.
  2. It display information about all the products installed on the computer.
  3. Allows you to load a profile of the system previously saved by Msispy.
  4. It save a complete profile of the system onto a file in text format.
  5. Helps to Restore Saved State
  6. It checks the differences between the configuration in the saved state and the current system configuration.
  7. List properties of files (current size, creation, last access and modification dates etc..) and if the file is broken it marks it with an icon.
  8. Allows you to re-install the missing components and all the components from it's original install source.
  9. It helps to configure \ Uninstall the product and features.
  10. Support command line options11.Supports OLE Automation