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Multicasting via Ghost Console or Ghostcast Server to Groups of Machines on Different Speed Switches Fails

Created: 04 Jan 2010 • Updated: 04 Jan 2010 • 1 comment
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An environmental issue has been noted in a few networks when trying to deploy an image to machines across a network that utilizes switches or routers with different speed hardware (100 and 1000, for example), and the session or task fails.
This is an environmental issue. Though Ghost will work in most network configurations, some specific hardware setups will cause issues. This is not expected behavior, but probably motivated by other factors on the network.  Since this is motivated by the physical environment, modification of network hardware may be necessary. First try updating the firmware for all devices to see if this resolves the issue. If this fails, two solutions are possible:
1. Reconfigure switches so that machines are all on a switch of the same speed.
2. Run separate deployment tasks to machines on different speed hardware. This will likely mean machine groups in the console require reconfiguring, most likely to break a deployment group into two groups based on switch speed and requiring separately ran tasks.
Alterations to Ghost executables, such as those seen in LiveUpdate, can sometimes alleviate issues of this sort, but our developers cannot test every possible network configuration. A properly configured physical network is a prerequisite for using the Ghost software.

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Hi Randall,

Sorry If I am a little out off topic but after reading your post I can see you have a lot of experience using Ghost Cast Server. We use it too in our company with success but we have a little inconvenience. It runs as a process and not as a service so when the user log off then the server is closing. How can we make it as a service to be up and running all the time? We have Ghost Cast Server vs.

Best Regards,

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