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My first experience at Gartner Symposium

Created: 04 Nov 2012 • Updated: 03 Jun 2014
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A trip of firsts - that's what it was for me. First time for Gartner Symposium, first time to Orlando, first show where I led the mobile discussions and first Gartner show at which I presented - even if it was just a 20min theater presentation on the show floor. What a memorable and exciting learning experience for me! As I headed home, I took the learning, introductions, musings and experiences with me.

Most of my conversations at the Symposium were with our customers who swung by the Symantec booth to say hello or with those who have heard about/been told to go to Symantec to hear and see our mobile products in action.

"I have all these users that want to bring their iPads/iPhones and ask me to give them corporate access on those devices. Sometimes it is just email, but sometimes it is more than that. How can I do that and still know my corporate information is secure?"

"I don't want to manage all those mobile devices that my users bring. All I want to do is give them corporate access on the device and make sure the data doesn't leak into their personal space. When the user leaves the organization or the device is lost, I want to remotely erase corporate data only. I don't own the device, so I don't want to manage it either!"

And the common question – “Can Symantec help me?” My answer - a big happy "Yes, we can!"

Most enterprises have a combination of devices – desktops, windows laptops, Macs and mobile devices and these mobile devices can be either enterprise or personally owned. Some users might let us manage these devices...but some might not. Sometimes we might not want to deal with users' personal devices. With such diverse mobility challenges, will a Mobile Device Management (MDM) solution solve the problem? Is an MDM solution one-size-fits-all solution? No, it's not. On the other hand, will a Mobile Application Management (MAM) solution address the needs? Maybe not. 

So how do you tackle this? And how do you simplify this situation? In my Theater Presentation at the Symposium, I talked about how to achieve a successful Enterprise Mobility Strategy. An effective strategy would include such diverse and changing needs. A powerful strategy is where you are prepared for future needs instead of fumbling after a security breach. Enterprise Mobility is not about device management or app management. Rather, it is about identifying what your enterprise needs and building an infrastructure, ecosystem and a support system to enhance user productivity. Users want to access their corporate data and applications from anywhere and on any device. A successful mobility strategy securely delivers the sensitive corporate information, in the form of apps and content, to authenticated users’ mobile devices (could be iOS, Android, Blackberry or Windows based mobile devices). Productivity without vulnerability comes from a meticulously planned and executed mobility strategy.

It was a great experience for me at the Symposium. Feel free to share your thoughts, experiences in the comments.