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My Idea of Viruses of the Future?

Created: 07 May 2009 • 4 comments
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Hi I was just wondering what the Virus of the Future would be and possible impacts it could cause.

Right now at present time the things that are impacted by viruses are computers and mobilephones etc...
What would it be like in the Futures
I thinks cars would also be impacted knowing that most of the cars nowadays have computer chips on it.but how it would be impacted that I don't know yet it could be possible through the radio knowing that you can now plugin Ipods and USB devices on it .Home Appliances could also be impacted knowing that they have chips on it.

There are a lot of this that could be impacted but we never could tell till it arrives but am sure Symantec would always be there to ensure protection to users.



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nice, but what if the case is there are no viruses?

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G_70508's picture

very innovative thinking
but i dont think its possible coz car computer chips are pre programmed ..... user canst change modify or add anything to it

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have u got your answer if not at least provide some more information about your future virus idea .....! or close the topic by marking solution......

& addition to my previous post :-

there is nothing which will communicate with cars CPU chip to make chip virus infected ..... at least i don't think its possible on present cars...

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Nel Ramos's picture

Everything is possible when we speak of the future...
Two hundred years ago no one thought that man would fly to the moon and back... it was impossible back then.. but after experiencing thier future today... their dream is our reality...

The only pesimism i had over rainier's blog was it lacks the depth... but a blog means ones opinion... 

Just my thoughts team...


Nel Ramos

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