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My participation at RSA.

Created: 07 Apr 2008 • Updated: 15 Apr 2009
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Well, it has been a long time since I have updated this blog.  So many things going on.  To keep this update (and future ones) maintainable, let me keep the topic this week to my participation at RSA.  RSA is in San Francisco this week.  This is one of my favorite trade shows since it is focused around Information Security. I will be giving a speech on Symantec’s view of the future of Enterprise Security on Wednesday morning at 9:15am.

Besides giving a speech, there are also a few areas that I plan to investigate at RSA.  First, I want to see how all the smaller NAC players are doing.  There are considerably less of them today then there were last year.  Companies like Lockdown have closed their doors.  Our NAC solution is doing very well, in terms of customer feedback.  I think building it on top of our endpoint protection product is making adoption that much easier.  In addition, having the flexibility with respect to enforcement is well received.

Another area I will be looking at is where we face the stiffest competition.  I will be checking in with my fellow AV competitors like McAfee, Trend, Microsoft, Sophos, et al...   I like to see what their current marketing/positioning looks like.  Microsoft is the obvious big one to look at.  They do not have much share in the market currently but they can do small things that have a big impact.  We have to keep a lookout for those small things. ;)

Finally, I am going to be looking for more examples of the convergence between security and operations on the endpoint.  As the reader may now, Symantec now owns Altiris, which was an endpoint management company.  We are already working through ways to integrate our endpoint security and management capabilities.  I think the end result will be an ability unsurpassed in the market to manage and secure more endpoints from more threats from more places in the world.

I will update the blog again in a week's time to let you know how the week at RSA goes.