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Netting Out NetBackup

NetBackup 5200 Specs

Created: 12 Nov 2010 • Updated: 22 Jan 2013 • 4 comments
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NetBackup 5200 Front Bezel
There has been a flurry of comments and discussion on the NBU 5000 here so Nicole, our marketing manager for appliances, thought it would be good to put something up about the newly launched 5200 and how it compares with the 5000.  Straight to the hardware spec comparison:




  NetBackup 5200 NetBackup 5000
Form Factor 4U
CPU Two Intel E5620 Quad Core
(2.4GHz, 12MB cache, 1066MHz FSB)
Two Intel E5405 Quad Core
(2.0GHz, 12MB, Cache, 1333MHz FSB)
Memory 32GB DDR 24GB DDR
Disk Drives 24 x 2TB SATA 7200RPM 24 x 1TB SATA 7200RPM
Disk Controller LSI 8708 EM2 RAID
I/O 2 x 1 Gbit Ethernet
2 x 10 Gbit Ethernet
2 x 4 Gbit FC (Qlogic QLE2462)
4 x 1 Gbit Ethernet
Other Ports 1 Ethernet Management Port
2 USB 2.0
1 Serial


NetBackup 5200 Front Bezel - Straight On ViewSo you can see the 5200 is a little beefed up over the 5000 with more storage, more memory, faster CPU's and more I/O options (FC being the big one).  But the biggest difference, and what makes the appliances tick, is the software.  The NetBackup 5200 is a full NetBackup 7.0 Media Server.  Meaning you can add it to an existing NBU environment, create dedupe pools on it for storage, replicate it to another 5200, hang tape drives off of it etc.  Just like you'd install media server software for 7.0 on your own server.  The NetBackup 5000 I previously posted about runs PureDisk software so it is more of a dedupe storage appliance than a full backup server.

The 5200 has a bunch of network ports and they can actually be bonded to form a single group for performance and fault tolerance.  This is important since NBU media servers typically accept a large number of clients from an IP network.  When bonding the 10Gig or 1Gig ethernet ports together it does adaptive load balancing and doesn't need reconfiguration at the network switch level so backup or storage admins can drop this appliance in without pulling in the network team to muck with their switches (or you don't have to muck with the switch yourself if that's your job).

We're really pumped about the 5200 since media servers are one of the most common pieces of hardware that need to be sized and spec'd when upgrading or deploying new NBU environments.  Lots of people ask us "what is the best hardware for a new media server?".  Well the answer is pretty clear now - it's the 5200!  We've built this thing to be a beast at moving I/O which is the important part of a media server.  And by bundling a bunch of storage in it also becomes a great disk pool so the media server can have its own local Storage Units.

Let's see if this sparks the same discussion as the 5000...

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ddambra's picture

My company is licensed for the "Netbackup Platform Base" and are currently looking to purchase the 5200 appliance.

Is it necessary to purchase the "Netbackup platform deduplication option add-on" to activate de-dupe on the 5200?

Or does the feature come pre-loaded and ready for use?

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Unless, you plan using the appliance with basic disk or advanced disk features (both licensed with Platform base) , you will need
a deduplication 'add-on' license to use deduplication.



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Mr. Topaji's picture

Hello Guys,

Obviously, 5200 works as a NBU Media Server and it works also as a backup distination, so it needs a Master server to manage it. Also it grabs the backup data from the backup clients (NBU STD clients).  While 5000 works as a De-duplication destination (Not Media Server), and recieve the backup data from the Media Servers.


Please correct me if I'm wrong.


Best regards,


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Altimate1's picture

That's correct.

Remember you will need at least 2 Enterprise Server licenses (one for the Master Server and the other for the 5200 appliance)...I have been told that in future, N5200 will act both as Master and Media... this will save money as this will allow to start with a unique Netbackup (standard) server license.

The N5000 is a deduplication target storage (as you understand). You will need a NetBackup Deduplication Option plus (if needed) Netbackup standard client to use it as a dedup storage for a NetBackup media server, a BackupExec server (a BE Dedup option is required in addition for the BE media server), or as a stand alone deduplication backup solution.



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