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Netting Out NetBackup

NetBackup 7.1 Features - Minor Enhancements - 2 of 2

Created: 18 Mar 2011 • Updated: 22 Jan 2013
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Welcome to NetBackup 7.1! This series of blogs has provided information about the key features of NetBackup 7.1 and wraps up with a final look at the minor features including:

  • LiveUpdate enhancements
  • SORT (Symantec Operational Readiness Tool)

LiveUpdate Improvements

LiveUpdate is a NetBackup feature that allows administrators to quickly and easily upgrade NetBackup clients under central control using a special NetBackup policy. Previous releases of NetBackup offered limited functionality for LiveUpdate, providing only the ability to upgrade to a minor update of the current version (e.g., from NetBackup 6.5.5 to 6.5.6). In contrast, NetBackup 7.1 has the ability to update a client even if it’s running a previous major version (NetBackup 6.5 and later). LiveUpdate operates with any supported NetBackup client system, including UNIX, Linux and Windows machines, and can update a mixture of UNIX, Linux and Windows clients from a single LiveUpdate policy.

It’s important to understand that NetBackup LiveUpdate is not the same as the LiveUpdate service that many other Symantec products use. The NetBackup version only runs when the administrator explicitly executes it, and it does not pull data from Symantec or any other location on the Internet. All update information is contained on servers that are controlled by the NetBackup administrator. It’s also important to note that other installation methods are still supported; LiveUpdate is an optional tool. If administrators prefer to use the standard NetBackup client installation utilities they may still do so.

In order to use LiveUpdate each client machine must have the LiveUpdate agent installed (this is the default during a client installation). The administrator must designate a LiveUpdate repository, which is a network location that contains the installation files; this may be either a network share or an internal web server. When a new version of NetBackup is available the administrator downloads new update files from Symantec and unzips them into the LiveUpdate repository. A special LiveUpdate policy must be created on the master server that includes a list of the client machines that will be updated. It’s possible to create multiple policies, each with a different client list. The administrator then launches the LiveUpdate policy when an upgrade is needed. LiveUpdate cannot be run via a schedule; it can only be manually launched. This ensures that it will not execute inadvertently, disrupting operation and possibly changing client systems at an unexpected time.


The Symantec Operational Readiness Tool, commonly known as SORT, is a web site designed specifically to help customers resolve questions of compatibility and platform device support, particularly when planning upgrades and new installations.

Although originally developed for the SAMG product line, SORT has recently been extended to support NetBackup by providing on-line check lists and a downloadable data collector tool that customers can use to validate their machines prior to installation or upgrade. 

SORT functionality for NetBackup will be progressively extended to include patch download, license checking and reporting, product support alerts and risk assessments. The SORT site should become a part of any upgrade strategy. Using the tools and checklists available on SORT can a customer time and effort in planning new deployments and upgrades and also highlight potential conflicts and supportability issues that might otherwise not be discovered until the environment has been deployed.

Check it out at

Hopefully this information on the features of NetBackup 7.1 has been helpful. Please feel free to reach out to your account manager if you have further questions.