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Netting Out NetBackup

NetBackup 7.5 now available!

Created: 05 Mar 2012 • Updated: 22 Jan 2013 • 6 comments
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I'm very pleased to announce that NetBackup 7.5 is now available!

The marquee features of NetBackup 7.5 include:
  • Replication Director

    This feature offers a unified, policy-based management of backups, snapshots and replication.

    NetApp Plug-in for Symantec NetBackup Replication Director” and an hotfix for NetBackup 7.5. Both will be available beginning mid-March 2012. The hotfix for NetBackup will be available on Symantec support web site and the plug-in will be available on the NetApp NOW Site.

    Link to Symantec support site:
    Link to NetApp NOW site:

  • Deduplication

    This release offers improved deduplication integration, scalability, performance, and stability.

  • Virtualization

    NetBackup for VMware and NetBackup for Hyper-V have both been improved. If you are still running agents "in the guest", it is time to leverage the benefits in these built-for-virtualization solutions.

  • Accelerator

    This feature offers intelligent, streamlined backups to disk. It addresses the increase in the amount of data to backup and the need to reduce the backup windows.

  • Search

    This feature provides an Information Management solution that couples backup, recovery, archive, and discovery.

  • Cloud

    This release contains a new Cloud-based storage that features Encryption.

  • Telemetry

    This feature provides data collection and upload capabilities for NetBackup and OpsCenter installations.

  • New platform support has been added to provide automated Bare Metal Restore of more platforms and configurations; expand embedded deduplication, and expand support to address market needs for database agents.
    • Mac OSX 10.7 Client
    • BMR Client and boot server support for the following platforms:
      • Red Hat 6
      • AIX 7.1
      • Solaris 10 ZFS (Sparc/x64)
      • Linux native multi-path
  • Auto Image Replication for BMR images
  • Deduplication for AIX MSDP and Client
  • Added support for the following agents
    • Enterprise Vault 10
    • New - Sybase Agent (Solaris 10 x64)
    • New - Informix Agent (Solaris 10 x64)
    • SharePoint 2010 SP1
    • Exchange 2010 SP2

NetBackup Support assistance for installations and upgrades is available for NetBackup 7.x on the Symantec Operational Readiness Tools (SORT) website. These tools will help determine the requirements for master, media, and clients.
 NetBackup SORT landing page

NetBackup 7.5 Download Information:

NetBackup 7.5 Late Breaking News:

NetBackup 7.5 Upgrade Portal

NetBackup 7.5 Manuals:

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Thank you so much for Documents links, been looking for Upgrade guide.


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Can you please give the link to download vCenter plugin for NetBackup 7.5 and Esxi 5.0

Thanks & Regards,

Vamsi Krishna

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Good Info !!!

Amarnath Sathishkumar

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Can you please give the link to download vCenter plugin for NetBackup 7.5 and Esxi 5.0

Thank you

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Thank you

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Where might I find the md5-sum values for the 7.5 binaries? Someone here downloaded them without the readme files. NBU v7.5 is not showing on our licensing portal since we have purchased the upgrade to v7.6. Thanks.

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