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NetBackup Appliance 2.6 Release: NetBackup 5230–14TB Configuration

If Goldilocks had stumbled upon the NetBackup 5230 - 14 TB configuration appliance in her journey, her assessment of it would be “just right”. It is just right as it addresses our customer’s capacity needs between 4TB (too small) and 28TB (too big) in a s
Created: 21 Jan 2014 • Updated: 21 Jan 2014
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The NetBackup 5230 - 14TB configuration is the latest addition to the NetBackup Appliance family and was Generally Available on December 2, 2013.  It is supported by NetBackup software release 7.6 (appliance release 2.6)*.  Refer to blogs NetBackup Appliance 2.6 Release Overview and NetBackup Appliance 2.6 Release:  New Diagnostics Center

NetBackup 5230 – 14 TB configuration is built on the same platform as the 4 TB configuration. In fact, there are only two differences between the configurations. Obviously, capacity is one factor, and product labeling is the other. The capacity difference is the use of larger capacity drives (3 TB versus 1 TB drives) in the same footprint. The product naming on the front still reads Symantec NetBackup 5230 but on the back of the appliance is a label stating 14 TB configuration.

Here is a recap of the differences: 


5230 – 4 TB

5230 – 14 TB

5230 – 28 TB

Usable Capacity

4 TB

14 TB

28 TB

Rack Space

2U or 3.5”

2U or 3.5”

5U or 8.75”

Storage Shelf



1 included

Available I/O options

5 configs

5 configs

5 configs

Addressing Our Customers ROBO Challenges

NetBackup 5230 – 14 TB configuration is the ideal solution for larger remote offices or branch offices. It addresses the challenges many of our customers are faced with:    

  -  Managing multiple point products in the ROBO.

  • Situation:  Many organizations have multiple, and often disparate, data protection point solutions across their ROBO, and even within offices. Point products such as media server(s), small tape library, virtual tape library, or deduplication storage devices.
  • Solution:  NetBackup appliances can consolidate and eliminate many point products, saving valuable floor space while providing modernized backup and recovery. 

  -  Remote office, non-IT staff performing backup and recovery.

  • Situation:  Often the corporate Data Protection team is dependent on local, non-IT staff for coordinating and managing backups and recoveries. 
  • Solution:  NetBackup and NetBackup appliances provide a standardized data protection architecture across the entire organization, from the data center to ROBOs.  Through the NetBackup management console, all backup and recoveries can be scheduled, managed, and verified by the corporate Data Protection team. No longer does local, non IT staff have to be involved in data protection. 

  -  Lack of control over remote office backup and recovery jobs. 

  • Situation:  Corporate Data Protection staff does not have visibility into ROBO backup and recovery resulting in poor Service Level Agreements (SLAs). 
  • Solution:  With a NetBackup appliance in the ROBO, a corporate Backup Administrator can view and manage all backups and recovery jobs remotely through the NetBackup Admin Console. This provides the Backup Admin the flexibility to backup to disk locally for fast and efficient recoveries. In addition, the Backup Admin can replicate backup copies to the data center for additional data protection, either to tape or disk, for another level of data protection. 

Cost Effective
The NetBackup 5230 – 14 TB configuration is a very cost effective solution. For customers requiring more than 4 TB usable capacity, the 14 TB configuration provides 250% greater capacity for only 40% greater cost (based on Symantec List Price).  For customers requiring greater than 14 TB usable capacity, the recommended best practice is to start with the NetBackup 5230 – 4 TB configuration and expand it through additional expansion shelves, either 24 or 36 TB increments. 

Built on the strength of NetBackup 7.6 software, the NetBackup 5230 – 14 TB configuration is designed to meet customer’s capacity needs in larger remote offices and branch offices. Providing 14 TB usable capacity in 2U, it truly is the “just right” solution for ROBO modernization. 

For additional NetBackup Appliance information with NetBackup Software Release 7.6 refer to Symantec NetBackup 52xx Appliance Release Notes - Release 2.6

* NetBackup 7.6 is the version of NetBackup software that the NetBackup Appliance 2.6 release installs. Information about the new features, enhancements, and fixes found in NetBackup 7.6 can be found in the NetBackup 7.6 Release Notes document on the Symantec Support website: